Ready to sip your way across Latin America—right here in Scottsdale? Famed bar chef Christiaan Röllich—who is known for establishing and building innovative bar programs at some of Los Angeles’ most-watched restaurants, among other accolades—is ready to take you on the journey.

Röllich, the bar director at The Mission at Kierland Commons, just debuted an all-new cocktail menu showcasing the many bold flavors and unique spirits that go way beyond tequila. Röllich's newest offerings include seven imaginative new cocktails, eight Latin classic cocktails, and a new spirit list at Mission Kierland.

The Shapeshifter. Courtesy The Mission

The specialty drinks include Little Tree (vodka and passion fruit with sarsaparilla and turmeric), Diosa Verde (tequila blanco and cucumber with arugula, jalapeño, and sal de gusano), The Archbishop (bourbon and cinnamon with orgeat and mole almendrado), Street Vendor (gin and tamarindo with guava and banana), Mission Martini (panamanian rum with honey, cinnamon and espresso), Rio Naranja (tequila reposado with coconut, ginger and yuzu), Cuban Canchanchara (Aguardiente rum with limón criollo and honey), and the Shapeshifter (mezcal with blood orange and Alma Tepec). The Latin Classics include cocktails such as the Limonada Madrileña, Chicha Sour, and the more obscure Dominican Mamajuana.

Mission Martini. Courtesy The Mission

The liquor list is as impressive as the bold-flavored cocktails. There are rums from Barbados, Jamaica, and Guatemala, as well as Martinique’s Rhum Agricole, Brazilians Cachaça, “true” Aguardiente from Mexico, Peruvian Pisco; plus, an expanded selection of Confirmed Additive Free (CAF) tequilas, mezcals, and agave spirits, all made without glycerin, colorings, extracts, or sugar-based syrups.

Dioas Verde. Courtesy The Mission

“While The Mission will always be known for our margaritas and other Agave-based drinks, we really wanted to expand the focus of our cocktail menu to highlight the wide variety of spirits and cocktail cultures throughout Latin America,” Röllich says. “Just like our food menu features flavors spanning Central, South American, and Latin Caribbean dishes, we’ve expanded our selection of rum-based cocktails and rum-style spirits, including Brazilian Cachaca, Peruvian Pisco, and Mexican Aguardiente. And to pair perfectly with Chef Matt Carter’s dishes, we’re incorporating fresh and flavorful ingredients right off the food menu, such as sweet-sour tamarindo, spicy-sweet mole almendrado, or beautiful chicha morada (aka Peruvian purple corn).”

Even classic cocktails such as The Mission Margarita have been completely overhauled, bringing it back to the purist version of a margarita, made with three ingredients: Tequila blanco, fresh lime, and orange liqueur.  But to give it a fresh, stylish twist, the Mission Margarita is now rimmed with a 24K gold flecked salt.

There are also 32 different tequilas, mezcals, and more that are all (CAF) spirits.

The Mission at Kierland Commons, 7122 E. Greenway Pkwy., Scottsdale