This Friday meeet award-winning author, sommelier, and filmmaker Alexandria Rizik. Rizik is the founder of Poetry In A Bottle, an award-winning, woman-owned wine company. Poetry in a Bottle combines Rizik’s passions for both poetry and wine– each bottle contains an original poem as a creative interpretation to each wine’s specific taste, custom artwork, and full-bodied flavor that can be enjoyed by casual wine drinkers and wine aficionados alike.

Courtesy Poetry In A Bottle

What prompted you to launch Poetry In A Bottle?

I grew restless during the pandemic and naturally as a creative, I was writing a new book and poetry pieces and thought about having my own wine while creating these. Poetry In A Bottle was born combining my love for writing and wine.

Can you describe the brand’s wines? 

“Kiss in the Rain” is the newest addition to the Poetry In A Bottle wine line. It’s a crisp, light, poetic, and sophisticated white wine that you can enjoy sipping while reading your favorite book and idyllic for a sunset picnic on the beach. It’s a love poem in a wine bottle—sweet, passionate and inspirational.

The central coast red blend is a dry but fruit forward blend made up of Grenache, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet. Both of these wines are award-winning wines.

How long did it take you from concept to launch? 

It was a two-year project from creation to launch. I was hands-on with the process from picking the right producer with sustainable practices to selecting the flavor profiles and customizing the poems featured on each wine bottle.

Let’s talk about the artwork! 

Poetry In A Bottle includes custom artwork by Mexican artist Efrain Malo, and Instagram actually brought us together. I fell in love with his sketches which are raw, beautiful drawings of people from all kinds of backgrounds.

When you’re not making wine, you’re a poet and filmmaker. Can you tell us about that?

I am the author behind 21 Questions which is a novel and drama that features all of life’s most exciting firsts, as well as real-life issues like mental health. It’s a book about a studious surfer girl Kendra falling for a new bad boy at school named Brock. I have written and directed several award-winning short films. I love being able to story tell through different art forms.

As a Scottsdale native, what are some places you love in our city?

We have such a great arts and culture scene in Scottsdale, including the art galleries in Old Town Scottsdale and amazing wine shops and restaurants.

Your favorite restaurant? 

I have a few favorites! I love Steak 44, Ocean 44, Sorso Wine Room, and EVO.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I look forward to launching another wine to add to the Poetry In A Bottle lineup and work on my next book.

Courtesy Poetry In A Bottle