Pickleball is the hottest sport right now, and Scottsdale company CRUSH is revolutionizing the sport—it just debuted one of the first extended handle paddles in the world.

The paddle is called the RQT (pronounced "racquet") and is being distributed via an exclusive partnership with Fromuth Racquet Sports, an industry-leading wholesaler, who is promoting it across its national network of 25,000 pro shops, clubs, retailers and coaches. Consumers can purchase the paddle now directly through www.fromuthpickleball.com.

“Our mission is to offer the best paddles on the market for less, with great attention on our manufacturing, while being equally focused on the community of pickleball that motivates us to CRUSH life,” says Pete and Richelle Nassos, husband-and-wife co-founders of CRUSH.  

RQT, which is sold for $199.95, includes a maximum allowable 17-inch-long frame and an extra-extended 6.5-inch handle that work together to solve a major problem for many tennis and pickleball players—hitting two-handed backhands comfortably. The paddle takes advantage of recent breakthrough advances in pickleball paddle construction—specifically, thermoformed raw carbon fiber engineering that generates 20-25% more power than traditional assembled paddles.

The first drop of RQT paddles was showcased at the largest pickleball festival in the world, The Pickle Games Miami, which was held on Jan. 13-14. 

“Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the U.S., and everyone wants to know what’s coming next,” says Brett Warner, co-founder and paddle designer for CRUSH. “As a pro level player, pro coach, and paddle designer, my belief is that 17-inch by 7-inch Maximum Allowable Standard paddles will become the default paddle for all professional players within two years; playing with traditional 15.5-16.5-inch paddles will be relegated to recreation-level and newcomers to the sport.”  

CRUSH's mission is to make premium pickleball paddles and equipment that perform better for longer and cost less. The brand also strives to be more than a pickleball company—it’s aiming to create a movement to share joy intentionally through the game and works to express how the community of pickleball is healing on so many levels, say representatives.