Two Scottsdale visionaries have joined forces to unveil a unique new company.

Sage Aubrey, founder of the cult brand (and celebrity favorite) Sage Aubrey Handbags, and Lisa Boettcher, creative brand strategist and former founder of a fashion accessories brand, have teamed up to launch House of Nectar, a unique creative well-being brand that fuses energetic healing with brand mastery.

The company offers a fresh take on personal branding for leading entrepreneurs, through what it calls its healing "brand therapy.”

House of Nectar’s team is composed of designers, storytellers, brand builders, strategists, and product developers with one common goal: help brands authentically find their true calling.

“We believe that brands who transcend, cut through the noise, and shift cultures can no longer be built with conventional methods,” says co-founder and Mother of Creative Direction Sage Aubrey. “We take an unconventional approach instead. We build the talent behind the brand first, to find your truest calling, and then, only then, can we watch the brand alignment and loyalists follow.”

House of Nectar helps a variety of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and industry disruptors and founders, scale through strategy, visuals, energy healing, and find their authentic voices in a trusted and safe space, where old layers are shed, and clients are ready to step forward into new territory and full 360-transformation.

According to Aubrey and Boettcher, House of Nectar clients experience a force behind its work that is somewhat cosmic, a sacred brand ambiance that supports, nurtures, explores, sheds, and creates for people and brands on a deeper and more meaningful level than they have likely explored before.

“We are no doubt unlike anything you’ve experienced when it comes to branding,” says co-founder and Mother of Strategy Lisa Boettcher. “We will unlock your originality, find your authentic voice that everyone needs to further connect more deeply to a brand, and unleash long-game legacy transformation on your brand and community.”

Services range from brand therapy to nectarizing social platforms to transforming an entire brand identity and full immersion.

Lisa Boettcher of House of Nectar. Courtesy House of Nectar

Sage Aubrey of House of Nectar. Courtesy House of Nectar