With 55% of projects failing due to overrun budgets, BK Global Solutions manages all aspects of project implementation in the IT space.

By the year 2030, 25 million new project management professionals will be needed in the global market as a result of economic growth and an increase in the number of jobs requiring project management-oriented skills. And with 70% of all projects failing, companies are bringing in outside teams – such as Scottsdale-based BK Global Solutions – to fill these gaps and bring solution-driven strategies to keep up with the pace of growth and rapidly evolving technology.

“Because we’ve been seeing this growth first-hand, we’ve already tripled in size in the last year alone,” said Founder of BK Global Solutions Brian Kilcrease. “We are solving project management roadblocks for everyone from mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, and the recessionary lockdown has allowed these companies to leverage our services versus hiring in-house.”

Since being founded in 2015, BK Global Solutions has grown their client base to span across a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, medical, high-end retail and supply chains. The company’s unique structure provides the ability to establish on-demand project management without the cost and long-term commitment of hiring employees and utilizes a flex-and-surge model for managing resources and costs.

“One in six projects have a cost overrun of 200%, and organizations waste an average of $97 million for every $1 billion invested. This is where our company comes in – to not just oversee IT projects, but budget, implement, and manage changes as they arise,” said Kilcrease.

For more information on BK Global Solutions and their project management strategies and services, visit www.bkglobalsolutions.com or call (602) 741-9151.

ABOUT BK GLOBAL SOLUTIONS: Founded in 2015 by Brian Kilcrease, BK Global Solutions provides IT project management and implementation services for everyone from mid-size to Fortune 500 businesses. Acting as an out-of-house project management team for IT departments, the BK Global Solutions team of experts across the globe handle everything from Microsoft 365 migrations, Salesforce, and IT security to full-scale management of all IT related initiatives as a contracted PMO (project management office). For more information, visit www.BKglobalsolutions.com.

Photo courtesy of BK Global Solutions