Restaurant brand Panda Express has announced a $14.8 million, 10-year pledge to Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH). It is the largest corporation donation PCH has received.

“Panda Express has proven their commitment to this community time and time again,” says Steve Schnall, senior vice president and chief development officer of PCH. “When we were deeply in need in 2020, they stepped up to the plate and not only continued their support, but increased it. The impact of this pledge will be felt indefinitely at Phoenix Children’s by patients, staff, and families, leaving a true lasting legacy.”

The donations fund, several programs, including:

  • Adaptive Care Coordinator: Designed to improve care for patients with developmental and behavioral challenges. For example, a care coordinator might reach out to a family prior to an appt to determine a child’s triggers so they can be avoided the day of the appt.
  • Virtual Social Work: Implemented into outpatient clinics without a dedicated social worker.
  • Complex Care Navigator: Patients requiring care from three or more specialists are considered complex. Navigator facilitates all communication, works with families to schedule appts, expedites pharmacy/equipment tasks, manages data collection and databases, and coordinates referrals.
  • Clinical Education Specialist: Educates hospital staff regarding emotional safety, which is an intentional, interdisciplinary practice to promote resiliency, healing, and trust for patients and their families during medical experiences.
  • Comfort Menu: Designed to empower patients and families to be active participants in the planning of a procedure/exam. This allows families to determine what they might need before or after a procedure to be more comfortable.

Since 2007, Panda Express and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, like Phoenix Children’s, have partnered together to change kids’ health, and change the future. To date, Panda has raised more than $150M for hospitals affiliated with CMN Hospitals, including Phoenix Children’s.

“We are proud to partner with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to bring the vision of the Panda Cares® Center of Hope to life and are humbled to be part of the healing journey for the families and kids at these hospitals,” saya Dr. Peggy Cherng, co-founder and co-CEO of Panda Restaurant Group. “Children are our future, and through this partnership and curriculum designed to give children the strength to thrive, we will bring smiles and hope to communities nationwide.”