Farmers Markets in the Valley

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Farmers Markets in the Valley

Has the tomato in your sandwich traveled from state to state? Does the label on your garlic show that it has traveled for days from China? Every day food is consumed from all over the world; some have traveled for weeks, some have been stored in crowded crates feeling every bump and bounce. The freshest, most flavorful food might be just around the corner. For decade's farmers markets have supplied communities with fresh, locally grown produce. Each purchase made at a farmers market directly supports the local economy and aids those who might be your neighbors, friends, and family. All over the Valley farmers markets are available Monday thru Sunday with varying times and dates depending on that particular farmers market.

The Valley's East side, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Fountain Hills all have farmers markets available for the public. The Market at DC Ranch, Mercado De Largo Market, and Friday Thunderbird Market are some Scottsdale markets available October and November. Fountain Hills Nocturnal Farmer & Crafts Market, Chandler Farmers Market, and Market on Main are available in the lower East side of the Valley. Mesa Community Farmers Market located at Rendezvous Center, 260 N. Center St., Mesa and open Fridays from 9:00am - 1:00pm, has arts and crafts as well as produce, eggs, bread, pasta, and much more.

Phoenix and West side farmers markets include Downtown Phoenix Public Market, Town and Country Farmers Market, St Mary's Westside Food Bank, and Roadrunner Park Farmers Market. Ahwatukee Farmers Market operates every Sunday and is open year-round. Locally made jams, seasonal produce, flowers, and arts and crafts are something you can expect to see when you go to the Ahwatukee Farmers Market.

If you have never been or are a long time patron, Farmers Markets are there for communities to enjoy and celebrate what their environment has to offer.