Artist Dyana Hesson Flourishes with Colorful Exhibit at Bonner David Galleries

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Artist Dyana Hesson Flourishes with Colorful Exhibit at Bonner David Galleries

If you have been in Arizona for any length of time, you have probably encountered the brilliant art work of Mesa-based artist Dyana Hesson. Her works reflect a diverse assortment of blooms, florals and desert succulents that are an astonishing study of shadow, light and natural beauty. Hesson's art is on display and available at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale.

One of Hesson's paintings deserves a closer look and behind-the-scenes explanation. "Sakes Alive, There's Five!" is not just a compelling image but has a story backed with friendship, patience and pesky javelinas. The five white blooms represent a cherished time for the artist. Last May Hesson joined five friends-soul sisters-for a getaway in Sedona. "We were all exhausted from various endeavors and just needed some time in the great outdoors. We took our Jeeps four wheeling, played tennis, hiked, and one night we even made homemade pasta," Hesson says. "One afternoon we were walking around the shopping plaza that overlooks town. We noticed in the landscaping a small cactus with five fat buds. This meant in the morning there would be five amazing white fragrant blooms the size of lunch plates. This was not to be missed. The following morning we pulled into the plaza and walked quickly to the planter. This had been the spring that javelina had destroyed every cactus bloom in my own neighborhood so I was excited at the prospect of five blooms, intact. We were not disappointed. There they were-all wide open, in a perfect circle, no stinky javelina in sight. We delighted in the circle of blooms, a special gift from God to delight our hearts. The beauty of these blooms will always remind me of that cherished circle of friends and our time together."

YellowThe artist is also planning a career retrospective in 2016 in Phoenix. "The white cactus bloom piece I consider the first of my desert paintings that I am creating for the retrospective at the Desert Botanical Garden in January 2016. It's the first piece with my initials on the front, to mark my 25th year as an artist," Hesson states. "I have always just signed them on the back or side. It's time to be ‘up front' with my work!"

Each painting holds special meaning for Hesson. "They were all inspired by time with family and friends in various places in AZ. I think the group together really illiterates the diversity of our great state. We have so many beautiful places to visit, and I think visitors are always surprised when they explore Arizona."

Hesson states, "The wonderful thing about being based in Arizona is the time it affords me to really study and appreciate native plants. Desert blooms and succulents in particular have a way of catching the Southwest light; they are luminous and rich in color. They never disappoint." For additional information on Hesson's art visit .

"FallingHesson has had a very fruitful relationship with Bonner David Galleries in Old Town Scottsdale which originally opened in 2002. "I've been with Bonner David Galleries since its inception over 10 years ago," explains Hesson. "For any gallery to have longevity there must be hard work and good representation of their artists as well as good rapport with collectors. I have truly enjoyed all the wonderful people I have met through the gallery, my fellow artists, collectors and the staff. These relationships have truly enriched my career as an artist. Bonner David Galleries has represented me well." For additional information on Bonner David Galleries visit .

Never one to let grass grow under her feet, Hesson has another artful undertaking in the works. "I'm publishing a coffee table book to correlate with my retrospective in January 2016 at the Desert Botanical Gardens," explains the artist. "We should go to press by October. ‘Radiance: The Paintings of Dyana Hesson' is being locally designed and printed. The pages will contain a good sampling of my work over the last 25 years as well as some beautiful interior shots from some of the homes of my collectors."