Your Website Is the Foundation of Your SEO

By Admin

Your Website Is the Foundation of Your SEO

By Lynette Carrington

Your website is the most important online tool that your business has and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how your website is found and ranked by Internet Search Engines. Ultimately, your website is the foundation of how easy it will be to use SEO to rank your site. As part of its commitment to its clients, Rising Phoenix SEO offers insight about different types of SEO and why having your business website properly optimized is important.

Owner and founder of Rising Phoenix SEO and national SEO expert, Justin Blake explains, “There are two types of SEO, On-Page and Off-Page. On-Page SEO is what is done to or on the page(s) of your website. This includes but is not limited to the structure, content, title, H1, metadata, schema markup and more.Off-page includes guest posting, social signals, user engagement, and anything that is not done directly to the website to help increase the footprint and metrics of the website.

How your business website is structured is important. “The idea of good structure is to provide a good user experience. The current thinking is that your site should be set up like a silo,” adds Blake. In providing a good user experience, a site should be easy to navigate, informative and intuitive. A user that visits a website should not be confused or have to hunt extensively for information. If they have a bad experience or can’t find what they need, chances are, they won’t come back.

So what does a website that is set up “like a silo” mean, exactly? Blake says, “It is actually a fairly easy concept. You have a main menu that then links to separate services or products. Those pages then link to sub-services or sub-products and then maybe to sub, sub-products. Readers can see the graphic image I included that illustrates what the silo structure of a website looks like.”

“The way to think about it is if you have a large pitcher of margarita or iced tea and pour it into the top of your page you want it to go deep into your site and be focused all the way down. Then on the last pages you link back to the top with the idea of keeping that ‘juice’ on your website,” Blake states. “Every link you have that leaves your page is leaking ‘juice’ out and away from your site, therefore weakening its overall power.” One exception we are doing is linking out to an authority site for your content. This reinforces to Google that your website is focused on the user experience.

Industry experts, including Blake state that you should consider remaking your website every five years because SEO changes constantly and so does the way that search engines “crawl” your site pages looking for information.

“I love helping my clients by showing them how I can make their websites more optimized and ultimately get them more traffic and better rankings in the search engines,” Blake finishes. To find out how Rising Phoenix SEO can help improve your website’s effectiveness and visibility, call Justin Blake at (602) 842-4804. For additional information about Rising Phoenix SEO, visit