Thymbol Introduces App and Puts Discounts at Your Fingertips

By Lynette Carrington

Thymbol Introduces App and Puts Discounts at Your Fingertips

Thymbol Introduces Engaging App and Puts the Best Discounts at Your Fingertips

Discount apps can be an absolute win-win for businesses and users when they represent value, variety and transparency. With the backlash and lack-of-integrity that some big discount apps have had in the last few years, Thymbol has stepped up to the plate to knock it out of the park with an outstanding app that has everyone cheering! Businesses don’t suffer a financial hit, and app users get fabulous discounts on a variety of goods and services that can be shared with friends, family and fans! Best of all, consumers can discover great deals and support local businesses and business owners with a free app that is easy to use.

The name “Thymbol” has a fun story. Founder and President of Thymbol, Cory Cook says, “I had always equated the thimble from Monopoly with what I perceived to be the ‘thimble’ sleeve that bankers used to count money.” In keeping with that same theme, the Thymbol app now saves people money and offers business owners the chance to offer great deals without getting raked over the coals. Cook adds, “I wanted to create something that would save consumers money and save business owners money. We created this to take direct aim at other big discount apps.” From restaurants and fitness centers to retail stores and specialty services, Thymbol offers a diverse array of discounts.

Cook holds an MBA in marketing and after working in the healthcare marketing field for a time, he began to get approached by various business owners seeking his expertise. Many of these businesses used the largest discount app and Cook was shocked to learn some statistics. “At the time, I was naïve to what was going on because I only knew it from the user standpoint – the coupon user side, explains Cook. “I didn’t realize the pain that it was causing business owners that were using that platform.” He soon realized that an opportunity existed to create solid competition for discount apps. Some of the biggest discount apps are known for their huge fees to businesses that can ultimately create catastrophic financial loss. In that realm, there is nothing for a business to gain.

“On our platform, a consumer purchases nothing at all. There is no purchase, sight unseen,” states Cook. “On Thymbol, every business has a video commercial where it’s their pitch to the users.” An end user only needs to present the “digital coupon” to a business to redeem it. It’s as easy as that! For a business, if they have a short commercial or video promo, it can easily be uploaded to the Thymbol app so that potential customers can see it. For a business that may not have a video, one can be shot easily and quickly at the Thymbol corporate office in Mesa, which includes the use of a green screen, if wanted.

What’s in it for Businesses

There are four different levels of business memberships on Thymbol ranging from $100-$400 monthly. Plus, the discount being offered to consumers may be changed by the business as the owner or manager sees fit. “The price is based on how many coupons and how much exposure a business wants,” Cook states. “We have a bronze, silver, gold and a platinum package.”

Cook continues, “Our bronze package, which is free the first 30 days, gives a business access to two different coupon templates that they can create for their page on Thymbol. It’s completely autonomous. We do not create the discount and we don’t tell the business what to do. They go into the coupon portal and create a coupon in real-time. They can also schedule an offer to start and stop at any time, as well. We want to let business owners control their inventory. Nobody knows it better than they do!” To get started as a merchant, just go to and select the “Businesses” option.

With the silver level, a business receives four different coupon templates and the addition of banner impressions. At the gold level, there are six coupon templates and more banner impressions than the silver level. With the platinum package, businesses receive the addition of radio exposure. “Our coupons are not just regular coupons,” explains Cook. “Our coupons have an element to it that has been described as ‘impossible.’”

A Benefit for Businesses and Consumers

When a user taps on a coupon deal, they will be presented with three distinct icons – Facebook, scissors and magnifying glass. The magnifying glass gives the user all of the details of the deal and the scissors allows someone to redeem a coupon at the business. “There’s nothing like word-of-mouth and there’s nothing like a testimonial from someone who has used your product,” says Cook. “Our platform allows you as the consumer to tap on the Facebook icon and share this deal on your own timeline with the business logo and details.” If friends want to then claim that deal, they just click on it and it will take them straight to the Thymbol app, where they can download it.

Thymbol Offers Great Discounts and More on:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Massage Therapist
  • Health Care Providers
  • Contractors
  • Nutritionist
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness Centers
  • Much more!

Thymbol represents the best of both worlds for consumers and for businesses. “I want everyone I do business with to succeed,” finishes Cook. He’s looking forward to expanding into the 16 new markets, too, in the near future.

Thymbol is free to download, does not require an advance purchase and will even give you driving directions to your deal! You can find the Thymbol app on Google Play or in the App Store! For additional information, visit