The Park will Rock Downtown Phoenix with Fascinating Concept

By Lynette Carrington

The Park will Rock Downtown Phoenix with Fascinating Concept

The Park is set to Rock Downtown Phoenix with Fascinating Concept

The Park is positioned to dominate Downtown Phoenix’s social, music and dining scene. The food truck-centric and craft beer concept restaurant will feature more than a dozen different cuisines, an incredible outside-brought-inside atmosphere, plenty of space to dine, play, dance and enjoy live bands and DJs, plus fun, themed games. Local craft beers and a selection of wine will be served via a creative and convenient self-dispense area. It is estimated that The Park will be open by the end of January.

Owners Phil Richard and Bob Garland gave us the hard hat tour of The Park, which sits across the street from Chase Field and occupies 10,500 square feet of fun, food, music and more! The LED-wall and progressive house lighting are complimented by interior design that includes two absolutely realistic massive trees, a large performance stage with DJ booth and adult-styled games, including futuristic looking ping-pong. “All of those house lights can change colors,” says Richard, “So, we can change the entire place to a certain atmosphere with the different colors and intelligent lighting.”

The Entertainment

The massive stage will give The Park the ability to put on the finest concerts featuring local and regional acts, plus the venue has an agreement with iHeartRadio that will bring in national acts. “We have all-digital sound and national artists can play here,” notes Richard. The Park will also hold pre-parties and after-parties for concerts and sporting events, and Garland adds that once tables are cleared away, as many as 600 guests can be accommodated.

Garland says, “There is a really cool music scene in Downtown Phoenix. But it’s mostly indie music. There’s really no dance floor and cover music place. That’s the sort of niche we’re going for.”

Both Garland and Richard have a wealth of experience in the development and hospitality industry. “My dad owned all the Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlors in Arizona,” explains Garland. “We built five of those and couldn’t really grow that concept anymore, so my dad built an Old Spaghetti Factory in New Orleans, Louisiana. I lived there for awhile and ran I that back in my youth.” Garland returned to Arizona after that and got into commercial real estate and has been doing that since 1977. Additionally, he also helped to start another real estate company with friends, Insight Land and Investments and that company still operates today. “Then I ran into Phil… He’s really the operations and marketing guy.”

“I’ve had my own consulting company for awhile,” says Richard. “We do a lot of marketing, web development and social media. It’s called BRANDiT Agency.” He’s worked with some huge clients here in the Valley and in Las Vegas, including Harkins Theaters, Salt River Fields and TAO. That depth of experience with both operations and marketing will now be poured into the exceptional project that is The Park.

The Food. The FOOD. THE FOOD!

There’s no denying that the food truck craze is here to stay. “How I got involved in the food truck concept was through Salt River Fields,” says Richard. “I really saw the growth there. It seemed like a really cool trend and a great way for us to have a lot of different food and be flexible. There are a lot of people that are passionate about that particular type of food.” After doing some research and finding some stellar food truck vendors that they wanted to work with, Garland and Richard have masterfully coordinated the best and brightest in food truck vendors to come and use The Park as their own kitchen.

“It was a great way for us to put together a really great collaborative menu,” Richard explains. “I know everything is good. I’ve tasted it all and these people have their own following. It’s a really good group.”

The large collaborative kitchen will be “home base” for the food trucks. There will be ongoing training that those chefs will do with The Park to ensure the finest quality that follows right along with the recipes and flavors of each individual food truck company. “We have our own culinary team that is executing this,” Richard says. “That’s how we’re able to do all these different varieties of food. But, the food trucks companies are here every day because this is their commissary kitchen. They’ll make sure that we stay true to their brand.” Garland adds, “Our own executive chef is Michelin-trained. He’s really, really good. His name is David Duarte. This is a foodie place and if you’re a foodie, you’ll love it here. All these food trucks are owned and operated by extremely talented and passionate chefs. The food is going to rock and is going to be really popular.”

Just think – next time you’re out in Downtown Phoenix, your group could crave Mexican, Mediterranean, comfort food or Hawaiian fare, and every person will find exactly what they’re craving at The Park.

Paradise Valley Burgers (that appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), Taste of New Mexico (featuring Chef Gabe Madrid, one of Bobby Flay’s right hand people) and Paz (won Best Food Truck in the nation in 2016), will take up residence at The Park, among many others. “We really went after the heavy hitters and what I thought was good street food and a good variety,” Richard States. “With our size, our idea was to create an ‘gourmet food court.’”


Another unique feature of The Park is the self-serve beer wall. A large variety of local beers will be available on tap. You just swipe your credit card and the system keeps track. Wines are also available at the self-serve wall. Additionally, two full bars and a fun variety of craft cocktails will be available.

The Park also features a designated room for private events for up to 40 people. When not in use, it can be incorporated into the regular space at The Park. At its core, The Park satisfies an exciting niche that will thrill people who enjoy indoor and outdoor experiences with a vibe that is second-to-none.

“There’s a lot of good buzz, a lot of good press already, and we’re ready to hit the ground running,” finishes Garland.

Come out and enjoy Downtown Phoenix under the trees at The Park! The Park is located at 3 S. 2nd St. in Downtown Phoenix. Visit for additional information, or call (602) 441-5101.