The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc.

By Lynette Carrington

The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc.

The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc.

The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc. is a unique Arizona-based nonprofit founded in 2015 to provide grants for sick or injured pets that may not get the treatment they need due to pet owners’ financial challenges. The end goal is to prevent Economic Euthanasia and preserve, enhance and prolong the life of cherished pets.

The foundation was formed by Alan Abrams as a tribute to his late father, Dr. Steve Abrams who worked as a doctor of veterinarian medicine in the Los Angeles area and loved animals with all his heart. “My dad practiced for 55 years and never once euthanized an animal that didn’t medically need to be euthanized,” says Alan Abrams, CEO of the Foundation. Abrams recalls recently running in to a woman in California who had gone to Dr. Steve Abrams’ office back in Los Angeles after her pet was hit by a car. The woman, who was a little girl at the time, recounts that her parents didn’t have money to treat the dog, but Dr. Abrams refused to euthanize the animal. The woman never forgot the kind gesture when the doctor fixed the animal’s broken leg and her parents gratefully paid $5 a month until the bill was eventually paid, although Dr. Abrams never asked the family for a penny for sparing the dog’s life.

In terms of creating the Foundation, its formation was a legacy of love and all about helping others. Alan Abrams had moved to Arizona from California to be closer to his own four children. After some significant health challenges about 10 years ago, he re-emerged with a renewed sense of service. “It wasn’t about making money, it was about helping,” Abrams states. “We formed this Foundation to basically keep my dad’s legacy out there and let everyone in the country know who my dad was.”

The way the Foundation works is that when someone has a sick animal and takes it to one of the Foundations’ sponsoring veterinarians, treatment options are discussed. If someone doesn’t have the money to pay for their pet’s care, they

apply for a financing option at the vet’s office. If they are denied credit or cannot get enough credit to pay for the animal’s care, then the pet parent is eligible to apply for a grant through The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc.

“What happens is the veterinarian applies on behalf of their client and only sponsored veterinarians have the opportunity to submit grant applications,” Abrams explains. There are all types of veterinary offices that participate in the grant program; those that are daytime offices and those that are 24 hour or emergency practices. There is no cap amount in terms of how much money may be granted for pet care.

“All our approvals are on a case-by-case basis,” explains Abrams. “So, a 12-year-old dog with cancer has less of an opportunity for being approved because the outcome is not going to be great anyway. It would be the same thing for a 17-year-old cat with renal failure.” Most grants can be approved very quickly; often in just a matter of twenty to 30 minutes.

“We are national and we have veterinarians in the Valley, Michigan, New England, Oregon and California,” states Abrams. “Our goal is to get to bringing on 10 to 15 new Veterinarians per day.” There are always more Veterinarians being added around the country and the goal is to eventually eliminate euthanasia due to the lack of funds to treat an animal. “Last year, we saved 84 animals and gave about $120,000 in grants,” Abrams finishes.

The Dr. Steve Abrams Memorial Foundation – PetSavers, Inc. is located at 6424 E. Greenway Parkway, #100 in Scottsdale. To make a donation please visit or call (480) 442-2511.