Stillwater Provides Loan & Real Estate Personnel Easy Proces

By Lynette Carrington

Stillwater Provides Loan & Real Estate Personnel Easy Proces

Stillwater Provides Loan & Real Estate Personnel Easy Process for Hazard Insurance

National Carrier Makes Securing a Quote and Getting a Policy a Snap!

Stillwater Insurance Group provides homeowners, landlords, condo/townhome and renters insurance geared towards mortgage and real estate professionals who are busy, on-the-go and need a convenient, affordable and no-hassle way of obtaining a quote and policy for their customers. For industry professionals that need immediate results, they don’t need to look any further than Stillwater.

Marketing Liaison for Stillwater Insurance Group, Haig Artan is a 30 plus year veteran of institutional insurance. He says, “Our forte is Homeowners Insurance, we are a national carrier and we also write Landlords Insurance, Condo/Townhome Insurance and Renters Insurance (for tenants). We pride ourselves with institutional service such as providing quotes for real estate and mortgage entities to assist their sales process.”

“The New Business processing office has been around since 1986,” Artan explains. “Stillwater Insurance Group was formerly known as Fidelity National Insurance Group, the wholly owned insurance subsidiary of Fidelity National Title Company." The New Business processing alliance is also known as HDA Insurance Brokerage, an equity partner licensed in all 50 states and underwriting insurance in most areas of the nation. With such a strong background in insurance, Artan can help with any challenges and works to offer his clients in the industry immediate results with the coverage that they need.

“My goal is truly to reach new loan/real estate people who wish to work with us in a streamline process; they provide the first page of the loan application and we provide the quote for their file,” Artan states. “No further contact on our part until we receive an order to bind coverage.”Cutting out a one-on-one meeting and unnecessary phone calls and paperwork, Stillwater can get things done much more quickly than other carriers.

With an ongoing endeavor to streamline and simplify the homeowners insurance process for mortgage and real estate professionals, Stillwater continually provides an exceptional product and customer service.” Haig finishes, “It is truly where we are successful!” Stillwater can also offer a competitive homeowners or tenants insurance quote to the general public at their website.

For additional information or to receive a no-obligation, no-hassle online quote for homeowners insurance, click , or call (877) 931-3368.