Stillwater Insurance Group Provides Stellar Product and Serv

By Lynette Carington

Stillwater Insurance Group Provides Stellar Product and Serv

Stillwater Insurance Group Provides Stellar Product and Service to Real Estate and Mortgage Industry

Stillwater Insurance Group provides homeowners, landlords, condo/townhome and renters insurance geared towards mortgage and real estate professionals who are busy, on-the-go and need a convenient, affordable and no-hassle way of obtaining a quote and policy for their customers.

Marketing Liaison for Stillwater Insurance Group, Haig Artan is a 30 plus year veteran of institutional insurance. “The New Business processing office has been around since 1986,” Artan explains. “Stillwater Insurance Group was formerly known as Fidelity National Insurance Group, the wholly owned insurance subsidiary of Fidelity National Title Company." The New Business processing alliance is also known as HDA Insurance Brokerage, an equity partner licensed in all 50 states and underwriting insurance in most areas of the nation.

Property quotes are generated very quickly and efficiently through the company’s website. “Our big thing is property,” says Artan. “We’re a huge real estate conglomerate and that’s what we do.” Real estate mortgage professionals who are successful enjoy working with Stillwater because of the ease of getting an immediate quote and the fact that no salesperson is involved in the transaction.

The benefits of Stillwater Insurance Group are targeted towards specific professionals in the industry. Artan explains, “The most successful real estate professionals out there that are doing volume; not part-time moms selling one house a year, but the ones that have a team – they’ve got a mortgage team.” Loan teams love to work with Stillwater. “What they do – if it’s a loan agent that has two or three processors that work with them, they maybe process 10, 15 or 20 loan applications a week. Not all of them get approved, but what they do is confidentially send us Page 1 of the Form 1003 - the residential loan application; a quote is promptly returned. The quote goes in file for future reference. There is no sale - there is no nothing unless our service becomes necessary.”

Artan continues, “Where this is really powerful is they are trusting us with the information. We are doing nothing with the information other than providing a quote. So, now the loan agent or the real estate person, either or…, has conducted a professional consultative approach. On a refinance transaction, they’ve got the copy of these people’s current insurance and are able to conduct a quick comparison. On a purchase transaction, they’ve done them the favor of giving them a quote. No one makes any contact. No one bothers them.” If someone is interested in the policy and if they have questions, then they can call Stillwater where they will be assisted. “It’s a completely 100 percent no-nonsense, no sales approach and we’re giving it to them in writing,” adds Artan, who has been affiliated with Stillwater since 2004. “I’m an industry insider. I’m not an outside insurance agent trying to hock the home, auto and life insurance. There are absolutely zero sales and I put my name on that.”

The process of getting a quote is efficient and streamlined, happening in just one hour. “We get the 1003 and we kick back an accurate quote,” Artan explains. “We’ve got the date of birth, we’ve got the social and we’ve got the property address. It says whether it is a primary residence or whether it is a rental. We’ve got the prior address and we’ve got the phone number. The only thing we’re missing on that loan application is an email address and we get that from the real estate person or mortgage person later in the game. It’s the only thing I don’t ask for because I don’t want to ask for anything.”

“The last thing that real estate and mortgage people want to do is refer a policy out to an insurance agent that is going to hound the client and try to sell them everything,” Artan says. “That’s the last thing they want to do and that’s why most professionals are hesitant to refer anyone to an insurance agent.” This is a quick and simple process that allows real estate and mortgage professionals to better take control of their time while providing them exactly what they need and without any hassle or follow-up sales calls. The Stillwater site will also issue the policy, adding further value and efficiency to the entire process for those who wish to obtain the quotation and purchase the insurance directly themselves.

Artan finishes, “I would say that after people know who I am, they call me and ask about all sorts of insurance. They call me and ask about a ton of different things. I am a trusted source. I do not generate any additional revenue, but I love helping people and invest plenty of time each day doing so.”

For additional information or to receive a no-obligation, no-hassle online quote for homeowners insurance, click, or call (877) 931-3368.