Stealing Sunrise 2: Malibu Trail Premiers at Cine Capri 12/8

By Lynette Carrington

Stealing Sunrise 2: Malibu Trail Premiers at Cine Capri 12/8

Stealing Sunrise 2:Malibu Trail to Premier at Harkins Cine Capri Scottsdale December 8

It’s time to take a trip back to 1995 to find out what has transpired since the events of “Stealing Sunrise,” a film with events that took place in 1986. Both “Stealing Sunrise” and the action drama sequel “Stealing Sunrise 2:Malibu Trail” were written, produced, and directed by Michael Jason Allen, who also has a role in the film. The movie stars many local and national actors, and Allen and film’s star, Rhett Crosby recently took time out of their busy schedule to sit down with to discuss the film.

“This second film takes place in 1995,” says Allen, who specifically makes “period piece” films with his company, He Said She Said Productions. “Every movie we do is period and we’ve only done one non-period film in our history.” Particularly, he loves 80s films, and it shows in both of the “Stealing Sunrise” films. Initially, Allen hadn’t planned on making a sequel. “We let the first one go, but after a few weeks, I said, ‘You know what? Everyone wants to know what happened to Harold,” explains Allen of Crosby’s character from the first film. In the sequel, two strangers interconnected to the violent events 9 years earlier, team up to hunt down the guy responsible. Filming took place in Arizona, San Diego, Malibu and Beverly Hills over the course of about 10 weeks.

Getting Back in to Character… Sort of

Crosby was anxious to go back and re-visit his character of Harold, but with a twist. “It was really exciting for me. Characters are my thing,” explains Crosby. “In the first film, my character’s name is Harold and in the second film my character’s name is Flint. There’s something that transpires between the first and second film that brings this new character to life. With Jason’s character… This film is called ‘Malibu Trail’ because he’s on my trail. He and some other folks are coming to get me because of some of the stuff I did in the first film. Flint is not such a good guy. He’s a socio psychopath. He does what he has to do to get what he wants and it doesn’t matter who’s in the way.”

“My character in the first movie was a criminal punk,” says Allen of his role as “Dallas.” “But only to other people, not to the people around me. Like I could be the guy that has friends, but when it comes time to do my job, I do it. In the second film, I’m completely different.”

A Coordinated Filmmaking Process

Crosby explains, “One thing I will say about Jason - he has an incredible ability to create an idea and basically take that idea and put it in to action. He lays out a process for orchestrating a film, like no production I’ve ever been around. I’ve done commercial work and I’ve done film work, but Jason has a process for lining up locations, ensuring we get together for the table read and for rehearsals, and then making sure that we’re all organized for the shoot and we know our lines and have our costumes. Everything is in line for these very specific things and then he groups our scenes together, which is the most challenging part.”

Sometimes on major Hollywood productions, there is a one to two-year process to get an entire film completed. This speaks highly of the creative process and the film management style of the director, Allen. “I work well with Jason because he is able to bring the best out of my character and emotion. If he doesn’t see exactly what he wants… He has us come in raw, but like an orchestrator, he will pull it out of us,” Crosby says.

Since Allen’s films are all of a specific time and place, it is important to him as a writer and director to maintain the dialogue, as is, so as to keep the audience engaged in the film’s authenticity. Allen adds, “There is no improv or paraphrasing in my films. These are period films.”

Allen has produced four feature films in two-and-a-half years with his company, all without backers or investors. “It’s just me and my lady making these films from scratch,” Allen states. “Four feature films in two years. Who does that? I think we’re done for a little bit.”

It is expected that the movie premier will sell out. If it does, there will be a fun red carpet event. Also, don’t miss the after party!

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Thursday, December 8, 2016
Harkins Cine-Capri Theater Complex at Loop 101/Scottsdale Rd.
7000 E. Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054

6:45 p.m. - Admittance & Seating
7:05 p.m. - Movie Start Time
8:40 p.m. - Cast/Crew Q & A
9:15 p.m. - After Party at Red Robin (located in the same center)

Event is expect to sell out, so get your tickets soon here.

**Tickets - $10 each. Comes with a FREE digital movie rental of the first "Stealing Sunrise.