SouthWest Selfies Perfects Marketing through Entertainment

By Lynette Carrington

SouthWest Selfies Perfects Marketing through Entertainment

SouthWest Selfies Perfects Marketing through Entertainment

SouthWest Selfies has developed its company to provide photo booth style services at trade shows, parties, galas, corporate conferences and special events. Expanding its services far “outside the photo booth box,” the company offers very unique opportunities for businesses and brands to market through entertainment.

Owners of SouthWest Selfies, Karen Dougherty and Steve Seidenberg have combined a suite of marketing-based services that are all rolled into their event photo-based business. There are many photo templates available to a business or brand. “The template design then allows our corporate clients to put on their logos, branding, name of the event, or whatever they want,” says Seidenberg. With 35 different templates available, an event organizer or business can customize the kind of photo template that best suits their event or marketing purposes. “All photos are printed out in a four by six postcard style,” adds Dougherty. “Within that four by six is the ability to have however one to four photos.” There is plenty of room for branding and a descriptive and engaging bottom side border. Any event will instantly become memorable and with just about any corporate event, branding is key! Custom templates can also be created by SouthWest Selfies.

Corporate Branding at Events

During events that have multiple brands or items that are being promoted, specific templates are available that showcase and promote each item in a unique way. “We did a job at Arizona Grand for a national corporation,” explains Dougherty. “These were all corporate level people at the three day event. The day we worked, it was a Vendor Sponsor Day for breakfast, lunch dinner and break time. There were about 700-800 people there and there were two of our selfie stations at the event and our stations were set up, so that if you came up to get your photo taken, you could pick a product brand that was your favorite. People came up to the selfie stations and they would choose which brand item they wanted on their photo. In turn, our client got the benefit of knowing which of their three items was most popular with event attendees.”

During that same event, event attendees would come to the photo area and were given a ticket. “They were able to win big prizes. That was Purina’s draw on everybody and putting their name out,” Dougherty says. “Everybody could also send their photos to their Facebook page, text it to themselves or whatever they want to do.”

There is an event coming up over Labor Day weekend called, “Phoenix Cooks.” “We were hired by a national vendor,” states Dougherty. “Our client has the lounge in the center of the exhibit hall. We’re in the lounge to draw people in and to get their photo taken. We’re doing the golden ticket with them where the selfie station will randomly pick a golden ticket. Whoever gets it turns it in and receives a prize.”

Why Choose SouthWest Selfies?

Do you want to grab that extra level of attention at your next event? Let SouthWest Selfies show you how it’s done! Dougherty and Seidenberg will sit down with key decision makers who put on corporate events to discuss the different ways SouthWest Selfies can help them brand and bring attention to various components, brands or spaces in a venue. “This is why it is marketing through entertainment,” Seidenberg says.

“We are not a photo booth in the truest sense of the word,” says Dougherty. “Our product is so far above and beyond what typical photo booth’s can do. It can do so much in just one selfie station. Our selfie station can do slow motion, take surveys, give random awards or raffle tickets.” Event organizers can pick how many event winners there will be and what special incentives can be offered.

Of particular interest to some event brands or sponsors is data mining. In this situation, guests or attendees are asked to answer a few questions at the selfie station display before retrieving their photos. That information is then included on a spreadsheet that is provided to the business or sponsor at the end of the event, providing valuable marketing and contact information.

The photos that are instantly printed by SouthWest Selfies are very high quality, ensuring a lifetime of laughs and memories to those who attend. When people gather and ham it up for the camera, they can often become instant friends and create memories that last a lifetime. SouthWest Selfies likes to be a part of that event magic.

Typically, a few weeks’ notice is requested to get an event on the SouthWest Selfies calendar, but last minute parties and conferences can be arranged, too. A professional attendant will also be on hand to ensure that your guests have a memorable time and are able to get the shots they want.

To get started with a quote for your next corporate event, gala, conference, family party, birthday or anniversary, contact SouthWest Selfies at (602) 606-8846 or visit for additional information.