Rene Apack with Insure Your Future Income & Asset Protection

By Lynette Carrington

Rene Apack with Insure Your Future Income & Asset Protection

You may not even think about purchasing long-term care insurance. In fact, you may not even know that you need it until it is too late. When you consider the statistics of you or someone you love eventually needing long-term care, it is well worth a look to consider a policy for yourself and your loved one. Rene Apack with Insure Your Future Income & Asset Protection Solutions gives some unique insight into the sobering statistics:

  • Your odds of losing your home in a fire are 1 in 1,200
  • Your odds of your auto being totaled are 5 in 1,200
  • Your odds of being hospitalized are 105 in 1,200
  • Your odds of needing long-term care are 720 in 1,200

  • “You insure these other risks with your homeowners, automobile and health insurance,” says advisor Rene Apack. With the average long-term care need lasting almost three years and the average cost of care ranging from $41,756 to $83,590 per year (according to a Genworth 2013 Cost of Care Survey) depending on the type of care needed, your costs can easily surpass $250,000 for a long-term care event!

    Adding long-term care insurance to your financial planning can help protect your savings and investments from a catastrophic event requiring long-term care.

    “Disability insurance is typically one to three percent of somebody’s income, depending on the options that they want,” explains Apack. “What do I suggest for someone that doesn’t have anything? Just get basic coverage. Disability insurance is the No. 1 insurance that you need.” Let Apack help you secure your future income and protect your valuable assets with customized disability coverage that is designed to financially protect you and your family.

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