Rodizio Grill in Village Square Dana Park-A Feast to Behold!

By Lynette Carrington

Rodizio Grill in Village Square Dana Park-A Feast to Behold!

Rodizio Grill in Village Square at Dana Park is a Feast to Behold!

In one of the most highly anticipated restaurant openings of 2016, Rodizio Grill in Dana Park Village has thrown its doors wide open and foodies, fans and new guests are delighted with the results. Rodizio Grill – The Brazilian Steakhouse is a concept not found widely in Arizona. The upscale chain boasts 20 locations nationally and the Mesa location is its newest jewel in the crown!

“Rodizio Grill offers an experience that transports you to Brazil, with all its culture and tastes. Here you can escape the ordinary. And it’s well suited for any occasion, whether it be a date night, business luncheon, or family celebration,” says Nick Clayton, co-owner of the new Rodizio Grill – Mesa, and owner of Rodizio Grill in Milwaukee.

The Rodizio’s Concept and Experience

Get ready to be dazzled… And stuffed! Your Rodizio Grill feast starts right away at the gourmet salad and sides bar that boasts salads, pastas, stews, Brazilian mashed potatoes, rolls, fruit and so much more. In fact, you’ll revel in 45-55 items from which to choose, some of which are Brazilian staples or Brazilian influenced. Rodizio Grill departs from any other restaurant in the sheer quality of its ingredients, and what happens after you enjoy your salad and sides bar.

Instead of ordering off a menu, an enthusiastic team of roaming carvers known as “guachos” will come to your table offering slices and pieces of a wide variety of freshly grilled and cooked meats. On the night of’s visit, we were able to sample the following:whole sirloin, bacon-wrapped chicken, parmesan-crusted pork, beef tenderloin, sweet and spicy chicken, Brazilian pork sausage, top sirloin, tri-tip and, wait for it… chicken hearts. (All of these meats have beautiful traditional Brazilian names, but we just made it simple for the ease of reading.) Yes, they have just about everything and the selection of meats rotates slightly, so it’s a culinary smorgasbord every visit! There are typically 12 different meats in the dining room at any given time.

What is truly fun and unique about Rodizio Grill is that you don’t have to commit to any given entrée. You can try everything and have as much of any one thing as you’d like. The gourmet salad and sides bar boasts unlimited trips, and guests can also have as much of any meat as they’d like. You could probably visit Rodizio Grill 2,000 times and never have the same combination of food twice!

There are two easy meal price points at Rodizio Grill - $19.99 for the salad and sides bar only, or $29.99 for the “Full Rodizio’s” experience. All drinks, cocktails and desserts are priced separately.

The Food

We started immediately at the gourmet salad and sides bar. There is so much to try; you simply will not be able to get through it all in one visit. We loved everything we tried, but here were some stand-outs. We particularly liked the Feijoda-a traditional Brazilian black bean stew which we tried with a Brazilian white rice and Farofa (yucca flour). No wonder it’s a Brazilian staple. De-Lish! We also enjoyed the Salada Rodizio (a BLT salad), the beef stroganoff, and the rolls were fantastic, too.

The meat is what we were really looking forward to experiencing, and Rodizio Grill did not disappoint! Again, every meat we tried was simply outstanding. We got brave and tried the chicken hearts and although we liked the flavor, the texture was simply not to our personal liking. But, hey! We tried it and we can now mark that meat off our list! Out of the 11 different meats we had during our visit, the whole sirloin and bacon-wrapped chicken tied for first place at our table, with the sweet and spicy chicken coming in a close second. As with what we found at the salad bar, the quality of every meat was simply stellar, seasoned just right and cooked to perfection. Whether you might be looking for something different to do for date night, or a new culinary adventure for the entire family, you simply can’t go wrong with Rodizio Grill.

Dessert? Ok, if you insist!

We thought we were finished, but, oh no! Our bubbly, informative and adorable server, Sandy came over with a big tray of desserts. The visuals made all the difference in the world. I’m not sure how we found room for dessert, but we pushed, made it work, and we’re ecstatic that we did! Let’s re-cap:Torta Brigadeiro – a chocolate mousse torte made with four types of chocolate and served with ice cream, sliced bananas and whipped cream, the Pudim De Leite – a traditional Brazilian flan, Crème Brulee – with a Brazilian twist of the introduction of a hint of orange and the Romeu E Julieta Style Cheesecake – topped with Brazilian guava sauce or raspberry sauce will surely delight diners who save room.

The dessert-to-end-all-desserts has to be the Rabanada. The traditional Brazilian dessert is a warm cinnamon pastry with an almost-creamy style center served with a vanilla ice cream and kissed with a delicious caramel sauce. Even if you’re full from dinner, find room for this dessert.

Hours of Operation

5-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday

11 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday and Saturday Brunch with 3-10 p.m. Dinner

11 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday Brunch with 3-9 p.m. Dinner

Rodizio Grill also offers off-site catering. At the Mesa location, there is patio seating and room for a party of 80, semi-private dining for 75 and private dining for a group of 35. Whatever your party, Rodizio has you covered. Rodizio Grill – The Brazilian Steakhouse is located at 1840 S. Val Vista Dr., Mesa in Village Square at Dana Park. Visit for additional information or call (480) 813-5400.