Phoenix Data Center Solutions Poised for Stellar 2016

By Lynette Carrington

Phoenix Data Center Solutions Poised for Stellar 2016

Phoenix Data Center Solutions Positions Itself for a Stellar 2016

For many businesses, the challenge of finding data center solutions can be an overwhelming task. Founded in 2014, Phoenix Data Center Solutions (PHXDS) has taken all the guess work out of data storage and works with each client to meet their individual needs by customizing storage solutions.

Founders of Phoenix Data Center Solutions, Paul Montoya and Ronald Sammeth are truly doing what they love! Up until they founded the company, they had worked for many storage resellers, and saw ways that they could improve, expand and offer an enhanced service. “I was working for another reseller on the pre-sale side,” explains Sammeth, “And what I realized is that their ‘go-to-market’ strategy was usually to go with the big brand named data storage companies. More and more, customers were craving some of the niche players in the market, and there are a lot of them. These newer companies may not have the big brand label, but they have great products that are constantly evolving. These vendors are typically more affordable than similar technologies in the market.”

Sammeth continues, “I’m predicting that the ‘software-defined’ industry is becoming the norm in data center environments. It’s about monetizing the data center and building it more affordably so companies can redirect their dollars into other aspects of their business.”

The Target Market

Customers that have a data footprint of 10 terabytes (TB) and greater that require storage for backup, disaster recovery, and new/existing applications can benefit from Phoenix Data Center Solutions. PHXDS also offers free storage, SAN, or backup assessments to best position a given solution. That way, the solution is based mainly around the customer’s data and unique requirements.

The Process

For businesses interested in what Phoenix Data Center Solutions has to offer, the process is simple as 1, 2, 3. “One, we want to have an interview with them to gather their storage requirements. We want to become their trusted advisors in choosing the best product solutions for them. I empathize with customers when they have a project and they’re looking for a storage solution of 50 terabytes or larger and start throwing that out for a bid, everybody says they’re the best. It’s hard to navigate those waters when you’re not familiar with the fine points of the industry. And we are the unbiased experts with these products,” Montoya states firmly. “Second, we perform a free storage and backup evaluation using proven assessment tools. The third step is when we create a proposal that best suits the specific needs of a business. PHXDS likes to create a solid business relationship built on trust and open, honest communication.”

“Our storage, because it’s software-based, has predictable maintenance,” says Sammeth. “With your choice of commodity hardware, the software becomes the secret sauce that provides all of the Enterprise features that your business depends upon at a very flat line price. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are satisfied, saving money and knowing that their business is in good hands,” adds Sammeth.

“Partnered with the best vendors in the business, Phoenix Data Center Solutions wants to bring you tomorrow's storage solutions today! It is imperative to us that solutions are designed specifically to meet client’s needs and still be affordable,” finishes Sammeth.

For additional information on Phoenix Data Center Solutions, visit or call (888) 461-DATA.