Fresh Pasta at Giuseppe’s on 28th

By Lynette Carrington

Fresh Pasta at Giuseppe’s on 28th

Imagine the Pasta-bilities… In Italian cuisine, pasta is a beloved standard dish that is created, re-created and re-imagined in so many ways. At Giuseppe’s on 28th, owner Richard Bock has instilled his love of cooking into all of his Italian dishes at Giuseppe’s and the proof is in the pasta!

The recipes at Giuseppe’s are those that Richard has enjoyed throughout his life and additionally enhanced by techniques and specific recipes that he encountered while living in Italy. Some of the pastas at the restaurant are also made fresh, on-site including the squid ink pasta, ricotta cavatelli and house pasta, which is similar to fettuccini. There is no mistaking the fresh flavor and chef’s care that goes into homemade pasta.

At Giuseppe’s diners will be dazzled and delighted with the unique variety of pasta dishes. The most popular dish and the one that is almost always recommended to diners who are visiting Giuseppe’s for the first time is the pasta Bolognese ragu. “It literally put us on the map,” states Bock. “This was a recipe that was given to me by one of my all-time greatest friends when I lived in Italy. This was his wife’s recipe which had been passed down for generations in Florence. This is our signature and we do a version of homemade pasta that grandmothers make in Italy and this is what would be served to families.” It’s no wonder that Guy Fieri of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” raved about the quaint and well-established restaurant at 28th Street and Indian School in Phoenix.

The squid ink pasta is also another popular choice for diners. “They are curious!” says Bock. “People who are traveled who are fortunate to have had squid ink pasta somewhere know how fantastic it is.” Instead of putting the squid ink in the sauce, which can wind up being very fishy tasting, Giuseppe’s puts the squid ink in the dough, which lends a black color and a distinctive peppery taste. “It has a fantastic flavor, but it’s not fishy. They’re pretty surprised when they taste it,” Bock adds.

Butternut squash ravioli is also a delicious and somewhat unexpected flavor sensation for its unique flavor. “It’s very popular and we have it all the time,” notes Bock. “It’s sweet and has macaroons in it and cinnamon. It’s terrific and has a sage and browned butter sauce.”

Another tried-and-true dish at Giuseppe’s is the pasta al Limoncello. Bock explains, “I make my own Limoncello from my own lemons, so I always serve that in the restaurant. I always have that handy. The pasta al Limoncello basically has a cream sauce and we throw a shot of Limoncello in there and burn it off.” The pasta dish is also accented with kisses of prosciutto.

Don’t miss the Italian mac and cheese. The hearty dish is a secret recipe at Giuseppe’s and features parmigiano, mozzarella and fontina cheeses topped with pancetta and baked in the oven. This is not your mama’s mac and cheese and you’ll love the way Giuseppe’s translates this crowd favorite!

Finally, if you are searching for a flavor variety in your pasta, try the ravioli quartet. A delicious summer treat, the ravioli dish boasts pasta pillows stuffed with meat, cheese, spinach and portabello mushroom, all doused in a savory sauce.

Are you ready to discover some new pasta taste sensations and explore the pasta-bilities? Grab the family and head over to Giuseppe’s on 28th for some traditional pasta favorites, plus salads, specialty Italian dishes

Giuseppe’s also offers takeout and gift certificates. Giuseppe’s on 28th is located at 2824 E. Indian School Rd. in Phoenix. Visit or call (602) 381-1237 for today’s menu, a peek at the wine list, Richard Bock’s own Italian recipes or a fun look at the feature on Giuseppe’s that ran on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in 2009 on Food Network.