Owner of Verve Wellness Travels to Washington D.C.

By Lynette Carrington

Owner of Verve Wellness Travels to Washington D.C.

Owner of Verve Wellness Travels to Washington D.C. for Historic Inauguration Event

Attending the recent presidential inauguration would be a thrill for anyone. But for the owner of Verve Wellness Center, Dr. David Warkentin, his interest in going to the festivities in person was both personal, professional and patriotic.

Dr. Warkentin sits on the Congressional Committee for Health Care and was excited to invite his wife to go on the trip of a lifetime to take part in the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. The five-day trip was entirely memorable. “We went to the inauguration on the West Lawn. We had Capitol Hill West Lawn tickets, and we actually had to pass a bunch of protestors and violence,” recalls Dr. Warkentin. While he was there, he saw protestors breaking windows, setting a limousine on fire and destroying police cars. In fact, he was forced to break through a line ¾ of a mile long of protestors that were chained together. Undaunted, he made it to the inauguration. A Mesa firefighter by the name of Jeff Mitchell and a Mesa police officer by the name of Britney Brimhall accompanied The Warkentins to the inauguration.

“Contrary to what liberal media says, they couldn’t let any more people in,” states Dr. Warkentin. “There were half a million people, roughly, that couldn’t even get in to the event. There were people sitting in trees!” He also says that the protesters on the Friday during the inauguration were extremely violent and disruptive.

Despite the craziness taking place, Dr. Warkentin enjoyed Trump’s speech. “The swearing in was a 17-minute speech. Quite frankly, I thought it was the most uniting presidential speech ever – talking about coming across the aisles and all of us working together. He definitely mentioned Islamic terrorism, which needed to be addressed, because our last president has had a hard time saying those words, and we need to be united as a nation. He talked about very being pro-legal immigration, but we’ve got to do something about the floods of illegal aliens coming into this country. And basically, we’ve got to create more American jobs.”

“The night of the inauguration, we went to the USO Presidential Inaugural Ball,” explains Dr. Warkentin. “That was good and it was over at the MGM in Maryland.” The party included carving stations and an open bar.” There were many celebrities and political speakers in attendance. “The whole message at the USO event was all about unity and giving the troops the respect they deserve,” noted the doctor. There were also the mothers of some of our fallen troops that were in attendance and spoke during the event.

Now that the U.S. is well into the new administration, Dr. Warkentin anxiously awaits some positive change that will affect his business, Verve Wellness Center in Mesa. “I think he’s the first president in U.S. history that has done as much as he has in the first three weeks of his administration. He’s actually done what he said he’s going to do. Undoing the mayhem of the last eight years is like removing a brain tumor. You have to take it strand by strand. There’s been a lot of damage that’s been done to health care in the last eight years.”

Dr. Warkentin continues, “They’re repealing and replacing Obamacare with a better system. For example, letting us go across state lines to get our insurance. It’s a lot more competitive for us as consumers, as opposed to the insurance companies manipulating everything. They’ll also be decreasing corporate taxes so that small businesses like mine can survive in a time where 30-plus percent of doctor’s offices have gone bankrupt of the last six years because of Obamacare.” Needless to say, Dr. Warkentin is looking forward to the changes that are being initiated by President Trump.

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