Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Men

By Serendipit

Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Men

The secret to a good gift lies in the interests of the receiver. This holiday season, earn brownie points for snagging the perfect present with our gift-buying secrets for the man on your list. Men can be hard to buy presents for, because it seems that they already have what they need! A gift that matches their personality is sure to be a hit… and thoughtfulness means just as much as the gift itself.

We took the liberty to break it down into five easy categories for you to match your guy up to.

Tech Savvy

The 2015 tech scene is definitely a hot one. This drone from SKYE is mini in size but packs a powerful punch with a HD camera attached. Smartwatches are a new craze that haven’t let up either. The Apple Watch tracks your daily routine while notifying you of all the things your phone would - simple, small and super cool.


If he would rather be outside than most anything else, keep an eye out for these Pod Tents this season. Their easy construction and add-on feature is perfect for the man who lives life with a “more the merrier” attitude. Camping food doesn’t have to be boring either, with this panini press from Poler.


For the athlete in your life, it is important they have the most up-to-date equipment and tools for recovery. Personalize his favorite (or new!) set of clubs with Golf Link Toppers. If he is looking to improve his basketball skills, this Smart Sensor Basketball records stats and gives tips on improving accuracy. For sore and achy muscles, a Foam Roller is the way to go.

Movie Buff

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for a movie lover, think outside the box of typical gift cards. The perfect gift could very well be a projector screen for a theater experience in the comfort of their own home. If they are very excited for the Star Wars release, give in to their ‘dark side’ with useful toys for the office.

Spirit Enthusiast

A man with a project is a happy one. For the beer-lover in your life, why not let them create their own brew this season? If your guy isn’t the DIY kind and sticks more to cocktails, cater to his favorite drink. Creating a gift basket with fancy glassware or tools to create his favorite cocktail at home is sure to be a hit.

While this season isn’t just all about the gifts, it doesn’t hurt to give a thoughtful one. Show your loved ones they are worth the extra effort this season and give them a gift they will be truly excited and surprised by! Happy shopping, friends!