Weddings for Rebels unique themes

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Weddings for Rebels unique themes

By Lynette Carrington

Some gals and guys march to the beat of a different drummer. You know who you are – you love the offbeat, the strange, the unusual and the outlandish. Weddings for Rebels is the perfect way for those with a different outlook on their wedding to envision their special day in an entirely unique way. Owner Theresa Morales has been orchestrating unusual weddings for eight years and loves every minute of it. Her road to Weddings for Rebels, perhaps appropriately enough, indeed started on the road.

Morales used to drive an 18-wheeler until about eight years ago. “I was in Arkansas. One night I asked God, ‘What am I supposed to be doing?’” explains Morales. “I woke up the next morning and I basically hit a brick wall. And of all things… I used to sell guns, then I drove an 18-wheeler and now I’m in a woman’s world!” She initially founded her business with the name Dreamers Event Planners. Wanting to attract clients that were closer to her target audience, she recently rebranded as Weddings for Rebels. Morales is now the only accredited bridal consultant in the state of Arizona and the state manager for the Association of Bridal Consultants.

As a not-so-typical wedding planner, Morales can do weddings, vow renewals or ceremony design, planning and embellishments and be as hands-on or as hands-off as a couple desires. Some of the unique themes that she has worked with include pin-up, rockabilly, The Addams Family, Harley Davidson, Halloween and goth themes. Soon, Star Wars weddings will be all the rage, especially with the new film opening this holiday season. “I don’t do bridal shows and I don’t do anything in the bridal community,” Morales adds with a laugh. “My work is in biker and tattoo magazines.”

Getting started on a perfectly unique wedding is just a phone call or email away. In working with her couples, Morales makes it easy for her potential clients. “They let me know what they’re looking for – how many people are coming, what their vision is and their budget. I’ll even suggest the perfect venue,” states Morales. In orchestrating creative weddings, she can suggest a location for any wedding theme. No request is too outrageous!

“With what my client tells me, I can visualize what venue would be the best, what their décor would look like and what other wedding professionals might match their personality. For example, one DJ is not going to match every couple, so I have several to choose from.” From just selecting a venue to planning and organizing an entire wedding, Weddings for Rebels can step up and fulfill just one or many tasks for its clients. A la carte wedding services start at $200 and go up from there. Rehearsal and day-of wedding set-up is also available, if that is all a client needs or if someone wants the whole ball of wax, Morales is equal to the task. “Regardless of what I do, I work for them. This is their special day and they own this wedding,” states Morales. “I don’t take their wedding. It’s theirs.”

“The way I do things has to be different from everybody else,” Morales explains. “I listen to my clients and I won’t take their wedding vision or experience away from them. I’m there to be a helping hand who knows the industry. They don’t need to spend 20 hours researching something… I already know it. I sleep and breathe weddings. I also don’t accept kickbacks or referral fees from other wedding professionals. That savings goes to my client.”

If an entirely unique, peculiar or spooky wedding is in your future, Weddings for Rebels is your specialist. “It’s a niche. I’ve been lucky to have found this niche and that is what I stick to doing,” finishes Morales. To get started with the details of your unique wedding, contact Theresa Morales of Weddings for Rebels at (602) 376-4434 or email her at Visit for additional information.