Nonprofit Organization Birthday Presence seeks Sponsors

By Lynette Carrington

Nonprofit Organization Birthday Presence seeks Sponsors

Arizona based nonprofit Birthday Presence™ specifically caters to foster children by providing personalized and themed birthday parties. Every child deserves to be honored and personally celebrated on their birthday. Birthday Presence provides this birthday celebration, and works with each individual foster child in the planning of their big day.

Founder of Birthday Presence™, Devon Rentas is still in the early stages with her nonprofit. Corporate sponsorships have always been a big part of her vision. “When developing Birthday Presence™, I envisioned incorporating corporate sponsors as a way to gain traction for our organization,” Rentas says. “Our main focus is to work with group homes.By working hand in hand with corporate sponsors, we are able to serve the needs of all of the children in a home.By providing this service to the community, we are building a lot of momentum as more and more organizations want to be a part of this endeavor. ”

As Devon begins to throw birthday parties, more companies and organizations in the community are seeing the dedication and hard work that goes into planning and throwing the parties for the children. “Having relationships with corporations will help us reach the community in a larger sense,” states Rentas. “The corporations from which I hope to attain sponsorships share an interest in wanting to change the lives of foster children. Combining the passion that our organization brings in planning foster children’s birthday parties with the shared passion and funding these corporations provide would make an excellent partnership.”

The particular types of businesses that Rentas envisions working with could potentially be any business that caters to or represents children. “I would love to work with party supply stores or companies, bakeries and any food chain that could help us with the lunch or dinner portion the children receive at parties, such as Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, a pizza chain or a similar establishment.”

There are some “dream” business partnerships or sponsorships that Rentas would love to orchestrate for her foundation, such as The Dave Thomas Foundation. Rentas explains that the foundation is entirely devoted to foster children. Dave Thomas himself was a foster child and created his foundation from a sincere passion.Dave Thomas devoted his career to really trying to change foster lives.”

“Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation would be an amazing partnership, too,” Rentas continues. “They are a local company, and one of our board members previously worked for them. They are a company who started from one small mine and have grown immensely so I feel like they understand an organization with a vision of something larger.”

Rentas says, “Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Foundation would be fantastic. “Johnson & Johnson is a children's brand and a family brand and I love the concept of working with a brand that is devoted to children, love and family.”

Local sports teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, Cardinals, and Coyotes foundations would also be organizations Rentas would love to have on board. “These are local foundations that can inspire change in a child,” she explains. “There are professional players that have come from foster care and have taken the strength that comes from facing such challenges to become successful and do amazing things. I feel that these players and their team organizations together with our foundation can provide foster children with hope for the future and through birthday parties can show these children the value they bring to the world.”

Rentas recently held a fundraiser for Birthday Presence™, – a fun night of paining in Tempe. She says, “We had a successful PaintNite and everyone was so supportive. We are looking forward to our next event, which will be held at the end of March or first week in April.”

It is Rentas’s long-term goal to provide individual birthday parties to foster children across the Valley, the state and the country. “My goal is to teach the children who have lost their families and in many cases their self-worth that they are indeed special,” she finishes.

For additional information about Birthday Presence™, and to find out how you can assist the organization, call (480) 375-8286 or visit