​NAK Productions Offers Professionally Produced Videos

By Lynette Carrington

​NAK Productions Offers Professionally Produced Videos

NAK Productions Offers Professionally Produced Videos Shot and Edited in Just Two Hours

June was another stellar month for Nathan Kinkel of NAK Productions. Each month, NAK Productions clients are always shocked to find out they can have their videos professionally shot and edited in just two hours. Yes, in just two hours your video, event or product can be showcased in a professionally shot and edited video.

Even better, Kinkel will upload that video to all your sites, saving you additional time and hassle. “I’m a doer!” explains Kinkel of his signature ‘Your Business Selfie’ video.. “I get things done immediately so the business owner can get back to running their business. I also don’t mind if the business owner is right there alongside me watching the editing process. Ultimately, it gives the owner a voice in what is being done.”

From now until August 31, ‘Your Business Selfie’ is only $399 and that includes set up, the video shoot, editing and uploading to your sites. In September, the rate will return to $899.

Check out all the action from June. Including:

  • Inventors Association of Arizona
  • Helen Storen, Miss Teen Arizona United States
  • Sophia Salome, Miss Jr. Teen Arizona United States
  • VIMTrim
  • Municci
  • Carefree Compounding & Wellness LLC
  • Dustin James Cleary Memorial
  • Stuart Fensterheim, The Couples Expert
  • Tune Up Car,
  • Hormone Zone
  • NetworkingPhoenix.com
  • Bobbie Bennett Life Retrospective