Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence

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Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence

Video is a powerful tool when it comes to relaying a message and showing an audience what a business is all about. Master videographer and owner of NAK Productions, Nathan Kinkel recently went on-site to the offices of Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence to shoot a marketing piece orchestrated as an interview with the founder of that company, Jonathan Przybyl.

The sit down interview with Przybyl and Scottsdale.com’s Lynette Carrington was a fun and unique twist on a typical video marketing piece and was designed to showcase what is new and exciting with Eagle Eye. Kinkel says, “I take any video shoot very seriously. In Eagle Eye’s case, I had two wired lapel mics and I made sure the batteries were fresh. I used wired lapel mics because I didn’t want to deal with a frequency issue.”

Getting quality video also includes getting quality audio. Kinkel states, “Shooting a video on a phone just doesn’t cut it. Plus, the audio almost never sounds good or as clear as it should. Doing a mic’d interview in this type of video is great because people can see it and hear it. Having a quality mic on each person in the video makes a huge difference. Giving the best quality video and audio experience to the viewer is what I bring to the table.”

In setting up the proper shot, having the right sound, lighting and video equipment was key. Kinkel explains, “I wasn’t sure of the lighting of the room, so I brought my studio light kit as well as simple LED light that I have used to shoot red carpet interviews before. This was a one hour shoot and upload gig and it moved quickly!”

Kinkel continues, “Days before the shoot, I got my lower third graphics, correct titles and ending graphic placed and approved by Scottsdale.com. My camera was ready to shoot on 24fps (frames per second), so it would be more storytelling and faster conversion for the upload. I then wanted to know, if there was an Eagle Eye sign or banner we could place in the background. Lynette with Scottsdale.com did an amazing job working with Maya Abou-Eid of Eagle Eye on getting the chairs and banner properly placed and arranged for the camera.”

“It takes me minutes to figure out where and how I want to shoot something,” Kinkel says. “But I like to work with the client and get their ideas and turn them loose. I set the camera, light, computer, and mics up within five minutes of arriving and this allowed time to check everything and have the client just start talking. Lynette took the interview from there and we did a few takes. It has to be seamless. I really enjoy listening to everyone’s ideas and then hearing about their business. I like to have fun and being over-prepared lets me do that.”

Carrington states, “Nathan was amazing on set. He had everything charged and had all the proper batteries placed in all the equipment before he arrived. He observed the room, noting the weather and what was going on outside the windows, picked just the right place to shoot and immediately set up the correct lighting and readied the mics. I was impressed that he worked so quickly and was able to get exactly what he needed to convey the Eagle Eye message. Przybyl did a great job during the interview and I think people will enjoy hearing about his company that is now on the cutting edge of the mystery shopping industry.”

Kinkel says, “We will be shooting at a Bashas’ next, so I want a spot where a nice Bashas’ sign is in the background with no one walking as a background distraction. I want a leading line to both Lynette and Maya so that when I zoom to them, there’s a nice background that’s allows them to ‘pop’. It’s about thinking and acting on the spot and making it work!” No two video shoots are exactly the same and Kinkel is always prepared and utilizes the best features of a space to create a professional and comfortable atmosphere.

Kinkel works throughout the Valley and Arizona. To contact NAK Productions, call (602) 717-2768 or visit www.nakproductions.net for additional information and rates.