MiCamp Solutions Offers Unique Merchant Solutions

By Lynette Carrington

MiCamp Solutions Offers Unique Merchant Solutions

MiCamp Solutions Offers Unique Merchant Solutions for Arizona Hospitality Businesses

The right mix of technology and security around your business’s payment processing can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars annually. MiCamp Solutions specializes in financial, security and software technologies that enable growing business to scale with protection and innovation. As a national leader in EMV compliance and custom integrations, MiCamp help businesses of every size protect payments in card present and non-present environments.

This industry has changed a lot over the years with changing regulations and constant threats of data breach and hackers. Director of Marketing for MiCamp, Arvell Craig has seen these changes first hand. According to Craig, “Our company began with merchant processing, however in order to continually provide our valuable solutions, we evolved to provide security and software to protect our customers' business growth. Now with the 2015 EMV liability shift, many companies are rethinking their payment architecture and security.”

About a year ago, the EMV standard of credit card security was adopted in the US. “EMV” which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa is a technology standard has been used internationally for over 10 years, but is just becoming standardized in the US now. But many businesses were left in the dark with how to implement EMV with their existing Point of Sales system. “It changed the entire industry,” Craig explains. “Every card changed, all the hardware changed, every retail business in the U.S. was required to change. With the new liability shift, in cases of credit card fraud or chargeback, normally the banks were the ones that had the liability. But last October everything changed. On the 15th of October, 2015, the deadline passed and all the businesses needed upgraded terminals for accepting chip cards in order to be EMV compliant.” Those businesses that didn’t upgrade their POS terminals to be EMV compliant then became liable in the instance of fraud because liability had now shifted onto the merchant. “For any retail business that took credit cards manually, that shift was major,” Craig adds.

Craig goes on to explain how these changes affected POS systems for many businesses in the industry. “The issue that most POS systems had was that the hardware wasn’t updated,” Craig states. “For the legacy point-of-sales systems, no hardware was ready.” Many businesses are still “swiping” credit cards and that is risky business.” At MiCamp, our company began shifting our focus on solving this EMV technology gap solution to help our customers and other businesses nationwide,” says Craig. “We were the first to bring an EMV solution that integrates with existing POS systems without changing a merchant’s daily operations or procedures.”

Without the right expertise, getting a POS system to be EMV compliant can be difficult but MiCamp makes this as easy as possible. Craig explains, “Our first question is, ‘What is their point of sale system?’ ‘What is the computer system they use to keep their inventory and calculate all their daily orders?’ We cover six major systems right now and we’re always adding more. Then we provide the hardware that can take process EMV chip cards. But, the key is making sure the business can continue doing business as they always have been. Our solution, which is called MiPOINT, brings security and seamless integration between their software and the payment terminal.”

“The way that they do business doesn’t change and because the way our integration works, we help to lower their risk of liability,” says Craig. “Our software and hardware can process the credit card information without storing the data on the point of sale system.”

MiCamp is continually rolling out new technologies that bring business intelligence, payment integration and security in processing payments. With a growing number of customers, partners and employees both here in the Valley and nationwide, MiCamp Solution is a trusted partner to secure your growing business.

To find out more about EMV compliance or integrating MiPOINT technologies, contact MiCamp today by calling (888) 397-0171 or visit www.micamp.com.