Legacy Documentaries by Dimension 5 Productions Are Fully Cu

By Lynette Carrington

Legacy Documentaries by Dimension 5 Productions Are Fully Cu

Legacy Documentaries by Dimension 5 Productions Are Fully Customizable

When preserving the legacy of an individual or family, what better way to document than with video. Using video documentation in vivid color and in the own words of those most closely associated with someone; the memories and stories will spring to life! Dimension 5 Productions provides Legacy Documentaries that serve as a living testament.

Owner of Dimension 5 Productions, Michael Colvin says, “Legacy Documentaries are documentaries made to preserve family legacy and it can go as far back as the client wants. It is a perfect way for telling the story of self-made men and women and it is intended to pass down through a family. It ensures whatever a person’s story, it is told tastefully, professionally and with firsthand information.

Colvin explains the process of the Legacy Documentary. “The process starts with research,” he says. “How far back are we telling the legacy from? Is it the story of triumph, rags-to-riches or the story of a couple? Once that is figured out, I collect interviews with family and friends, as well as photos, videos, news if any, letters, awards, etcetera.”

There could potentially be many family and friends that may want to contribute to the story of a legacy documentary. Everyone is welcome to give their own first-hand account. “I will get the contact info from the client and coordinate interviews and materials,” Colvin states.

The Family Legacy Documentary typically ranges from 40 to 60 min in run time. The video itself takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks in pre, actual and post production.

Colvin explains, “A project like this needs to be brought to the people involved so I typically go to the interviewee. I am also willing to drive or fly anywhere to chase the story. Travel expenses are figured in to the budget. That is planned in the pre-production part of the process. A project like this is fully customized to every Individual.”

Dimension 5 Productions is equal to the task of nearly any video production. The added value of Colvin’s marketing savvy and production insight gives any business or organization an exceptional level of polish. “Basically, we’re storytellers,” finishes Colvin. “We want to tell the best story we can about everything.” For additional information on Dimension 5 productions, visit www.d5prod.com.