Inaugural Chandler International Film Fest a Huge Success

By Lynette Carrington

Inaugural Chandler International Film Fest a Huge Success

Inaugural Chandler International Film Festival a Smashing Success

The first Chandler International Film Festival was held at SoHo63 January 13-15, 2017. Filmmakers, producers, directors, actors and other key industry people descended on Chandler to enjoy the screening of more than 100 films during the weekend.

People traveled from Russia, England, Brazil, Canada, San Francisco, Los Angeles and the East Coast, giving the event a truly international draw. Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny and his wife Karen were in attendance, as were many City of Chandler Council Members and Chandler Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors.

Speakers during the opening ceremony included Mayor Tibshraeny, Actor Tank Jones, Actor and Artist, Jack Millard, Kansas City Chief’s Hall-of-Famer, Nick Lowery and the President and CEO of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, Terri Kimble. Chandler International Film Festival Founder, Mitesh Patel also gave a heartfelt speech and the crowd of more than 200 wildly applauded his festival efforts and prowess. Host for the evening, JAMM7 Media’s Jim Grieshaber graciously thanked his partner in life and in JAMM7, Melissa Anaya, as well as the entire City of Chandler and film community for their commitment to film and to hosting the event in “Chandlerwood” fashion!

Lynette Carrington was on hand to cover 50 interviews on the red carpet on behalf of and It is expected that based on the outrageous success of the first Chandler International Film Festival, that the tradition will establish itself and grow into an even bigger 2018 event. For additional information on films in the festival, visit


Michael and Ketonya Bankston

Tank Jones

Andrew Conroy

Eric Luce

Jerome Daniels

Robert Fenske

Albert Fry, Jr.

Liz Taylor

James Burns and George McMillan

Lauren Kelmont and Kyle Manzioni

Robert Cordero, Jr.

Ambassadors from the Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Sachin Dheeraj

Leonardo Martinez

Jay and Karen Tibshraeny

Kevin and Lynne Hartke

Terry and Cheryl Rowe

Rene Lopez and Market Stewart

City of Chandler Council Members


Jack Millard

Mitesh Patel

Lee Chambers

Nick Lowery and Shuli Pedraza

Jim Grieshaber and Melissa Anaya

Alexandra Williams, Willy Wright and Meserve

Arka Gangula

Julien Cornwall

Vadim Levin

Monique Webber, Susan Forsythe Craig and Mica L. Emick

Tiffany Phillips

Mario Pineda

Catalina Lorette and Matheus Ronn

Tim Richards


Congratulations to all CIFF participants! We honor and thank you for submitting your films into the festival!

All Festival Winners in Their Selected Categories:

1. Best Feature Film - Khoj by Arka Ganguly
2. Best Picture 2016 - Life of Significant Soil by Michael Irish
3. Best Drama Short - Trailhead by Ihmic Micah El and Susan Forsythe Craig
4. Best Comedy/Dramedy Short - Ethnically Ambiguous by Tiffany Phillips
5. Best Horror Short - Vanity Fear by Vadim Levin
6. Best Animation Short - LION DANCE Film by Tim Pattinson
7. Best Experimental Short - Forgotten by Justin Little
8.Best International Short - Los Ninos Sicarios by Robert Lambert
9. Best Action/Thriller Short - The Inquiry Movie by Julien Cornwall
10. Best Music Video - 1AM in Montreal by Andrew Conroy
11. People's Choice Award - H.A.M Film by Boise Esquerra