Giuseppe’s Debuts Tasty and Satisfying ‘Lighter’ Fare

By Lynette Carrington

Giuseppe’s Debuts Tasty and Satisfying ‘Lighter’ Fare

Giuseppe’s on 28th has long been known for its outstanding Italian cuisine and original recipes orchestrated by owner Richard Bock. He has now expanded his menu to include some lighter fare that is every bit as delicious and exciting as his regular menu at Giuseppe’s!

The lighter portion of the menu is scrumptious! “I just started doing vegetarian lasagna,” states Richard Bock. “Basically, it’s asparagus and crimini mushroom lasagna. People, especially women, are loving that! Sometimes people come in and they just want something lighter.” The lasagna includes sun-dried tomatoes, pesto and a very tiny bit of pancetta which is crisped up and sprinkled on one layer, along with some mozzarella, Parmesan and fontina cheeses. “It’s towards vegetarian, but it’s not vegan,” Bock adds.

“I’ve also been doing a Sicilian orange salad which is sliced oranges with scallions, green olives and olive oil. It’s absolutely stunning,” Bock continues. “I know that people would like smaller plates and not have to eat half a pound of pasta or leave a quarter pound of pasta.” The Sicilian orange salad is a perfect example of how Bock combines unique flavors and textures to create something very unique.

Bock has also been orchestrating Tuscan dishes, which are his specialty. “Last night I did a porchetta and it sold out in about 25 minutes. It’s a pork shoulder rolled with basil, rosemary and garlic. It’s all rolled up and has a beautiful crust with the skin - it’s just amazing,” says Bock. “People don’t want to eat this way every day so those that come here twice a week, especially for those people who want something lighter, we have something for them.” Don’t forget to ask about the risotto of the day!

“I don’t have a big plan that I map out and execute. We’re not corporate so I go day by day, and this is where we’re going. I just do a print out of these specials,” Bock says. “The plan is to keep the classics going, but to try to infuse something lighter into the menu.”

Other dishes you won’t want to miss include a tasty variety of appetizers, a large selection of bruschetta, hot and cold Italian subs, gnocchi, tortellini, lasagna, salads, soups and homemade desserts. Choose from key lime mascarpone tart, traditional cannoli, tiramisu or flourless chocolate cake. Come in hungry and leave like family!

“People that keep coming back here, it’s because they have a good meal and there’s value here. I have a really nice wine list without gouging on the prices and this place is hands-on. We like to chit-chat and hang out,” finishes Bock.

Giuseppe’s also offers takeout and gift certificates. Giuseppe’s on 28th is located at 2824 E. Indian School Rd. in Phoenix. Visit or call (602) 381-1237 for today’s menu, a peek at the wine list, Richard Bock’s own Italian recipes or a fun look at the feature on Giuseppe’s that ran on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in 2009 on Food Network.