Girl Friday Offers Assistance Options for Seniors

By Lynette Carrington

Girl Friday Offers Assistance Options for Seniors

Girl Friday is known throughout the Valley as the “can do” company that can expertly handle everything from shopping errands and waiting for deliveries to home office tasks, data entry and so much more. No task is too big or too small for Girl Friday. But one area where Girl Friday particularly shines is in helping seniors!

There are so many tasks that Girl Friday can complete for seniors that enhance their lifestyle, take busy work off their plate and simplify their daily and weekly routines. If you have a beloved senior in your life that needs help with their routine, Girl Friday will provide a compassionate, experienced assistant who will be their advocate and liaison with the family. They will take your loved one to appointments, do their shopping, make their meals, get their bills paid and make sure they are taking their medicine. Owner of Girl Friday Kari Holt says, “Having someone the family can count on one day a week or seven days a week provides so much comfort - knowing their parent can stay living happily in their own home.”

Non-medical assistance for seniors is a valuable service because so many of life’s little details can accidentally be over looked. Having a Girl Friday assistant puts an extra set of eyes and an extra pair of hands on tasks that might otherwise be missed. Assistants are paired up with a senior and typically will stay partnered with that same senior for the duration of service. In creating strong bonds and a trusting relationship, Girl Friday assistants become companions and friends to those for whom they work.

Do you have a loved one who could use some assistance around their home? The beauty of having Girl Friday assisting seniors is that often, those seniors are then allowed to continue living in their own homes where they feel most comfortable.

Pricing is very simple and can range from a very affordable hourly fee (with a two hour minimum) to a set number of hours per week. The more hours required per week, the lower the hourly fee. To get a customized quote for the helping hand you need, contact Kari Holt at 602-619-0079, email her at or visit for additional information.