Get EMV Compliant Quickly with MiCamp Solutions

By Lynette Carrington

Get EMV Compliant Quickly with MiCamp Solutions

Get EMV Compliant Quickly with MiCamp Solutions

It has been almost a year since EMV has been put into place here in the U.S. EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is the global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and includes the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. Obviously, this new standard has far-reaching implications for a variety of businesses because it means the difference between a business being financially on the hook for fraudulent card activity or not being liable. MiCamp Solutions is a Scottsdale-based company that assists local businesses in getting the exact business equipment and services that will assist them in becoming and remaining EMV compliant.

Per, “According to Digital Transactions, U.S. merchants will be hit with $5.8 billion in chargebacks in 2016, a 21 percent jump since 2015. In 2016, U.S. merchants were flooded with $260.3 million individual chargebacks, 17 percent more than in the previous year.” Now, it is more important than ever for businesses to become EMV compliant. With MiCamp, a review of a company’s business and transactions will determine exactly what is needed to get a business EMV compliant and takes all the guesswork out of the process. A business can place its trust in MiCamp to get them EMV compliant as soon as possible.

Without the right expertise, getting a POS system to be EMV compliant can be difficult, but MiCamp makes the process easy because of its industry expertise. Director of Marketing for MiCamp, Arvell Craig explains, “Our first question is, ‘What is their point of sale system?’ ‘What is the computer system they use to keep their inventory and calculate all their daily orders?’ We cover six major systems right now and we’re always adding more. Then we provide the hardware that can take process EMV chip cards. But, the key is making sure the business can continue doing business as they always have been. Our solution, which is called MiPOINT, brings security and seamless integration between their software and the payment terminal.”

Whether it’s having a restaurant that can accept cards right at its customers’ tables or having a chip reader-enabled terminal at check-out in a retail store, MiCamp offers those solutions and more. Why leave your business at risk for the financial ramifications of card fraud? EMV compliant equipment and services don’t require a business to change its POS system and it can be a relatively quick and simple fix by MiCamp.

"The way that they do business doesn’t change and because the way our integration works, we help to lower their risk of liability,” says Craig. “Our software and hardware can process the credit card information without storing the data on the point of sale system.”MiCamp is continually rolling out new technologies that bring business intelligence, payment integration and security in processing payments. With a growing number of customers, partners and employees both here in the Valley and nationwide, MiCamp Solution is a trusted partner to secure your growing business.

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