Express Flooring Grants Wish for Make A Wish Arizona

By Lynette Carrington

Express Flooring Grants Wish for Make A Wish Arizona

Express Flooring Worked with Make A Wish Foundation Arizona to Grant Wish

Express Flooring is a highly visible and respected business our state. The Arizona owned and operated flooring company is clearly memorable for their catchy jingle that is heard across radio and television with their “happy house” logo grinning merrily. But, did you know that the company is also involved in philanthropy? Express Flooring has shown that it loves the community in which it does business and its engagement with many worthwhile organizations will warm your heart. This marks the second in an enlightening series of four months of philanthropic spotlights on

Express Flooring worked with Make A Wish Foundation of Arizona. Ellington got the chance to appear in an Express Flooring TV ad, and he had always wanted to be an actor or someone famous. In the ad, he is playing ball in his yard and tells his friends how his mother recently bought stain-resistant flooring from Express Flooring, and got a good deal, too! He delivered his lines like a seasoned pro and when he got the chance to see himself in his first commercial, he exclaimed, “That was really cool! Can I play it again?”

Ellington was thrilled to be featured in the fun TV spot. He said, “It’s been my dream and I’ve finally been on TV, and it’s going to get my face out there. Hopefully somebody sees my talent.” He admits to having forgotten his lines during filming because he was so consumed with all the excitement taking place on set of the commercial!

Ellington says of his Express Flooring commercial experience, “I went to tell you that I appreciate what you’ve done. You’ve made another boy feel amazing about himself, and have high hopes for himself and believe in himself… You’ve made my main wish and dream come true and I appreciate you guys, so thank-you.”

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