Express Flooring Offers Next Day Flooring at Great Prices

By Lynette Carrington

Express Flooring Offers Next Day Flooring at Great Prices

Express Flooring Offers Next Day Flooring at Great Prices

“Express Flooring is the best. Call 800-EXPRESS!” With that completely recognizable and instantly memorable TV jingle, you know that this is the first place you will remember to call when you need quality flooring quickly and at a good price. With 25 years in business, Express Flooring boasts more than 1 million feet of in-stock flooring and you can call today and have your flooring installed tomorrow, in most cases! The flooring company has you covered whether you need carpet, tile, vinyl, hardwood, tile, and travertine.

Marketing Manager, Jason Valasek says, “Our whole model is ‘Bring the Store to Your Door.” Express Flooring understands that people are busy, have ongoing commitments and may not have time to drive all over town looking for the perfect flooring. “They like the convenience of in-home shopping,” he adds. “Usually they are pretty clear on what they want. They’ve usually been through this before and isn’t their first time purchasing flooring.” The pros at Express Flooring are really in tune with their target customer and give them exactly what they want.

“Once we have a pretty good understanding of what they are looking for, then we schedule a free in-home estimate based around them and their significant other, so they can both be there at the appointment,” states Valasek. Express Flooring then brings out a truckload of samples. By bringing everything to the home, the customer can see how specific styles and colors work within the home and with their unique lighting and setting. Measurements are taken and a quote is prepared right there. “We can install it the very next day,” he adds. “If they want something custom, then we let them know how much time it will take to get it there.”

Valasek continues, “We advertise a lifetime installation warranty. It means we will provide service for our product for the lifetime that it is with that customer in their home. What that means also, is that we don’t want them selecting a product that is going to create things to fix later.” All work is performed by contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured and Express Flooring serves the entire Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.

Express Flooring takes care of all the details, including tear-out and hauling away of the old flooring and installation of new flooring. “We try to make the entire process as seamless as possible for the homeowner,” notes Valasek.”

It is always the goal of Express Flooring to accommodate a customer’s budget and have them choose a flooring product that fits the way that they live. “It is our whole marketing message is the convenience and speed of the transaction,” Valasek explains. “People that are calling us, this isn’t their first time going through this and for whatever reason, there is urgency for them to get it done.” By completing the job quickly, a customer gets exactly what they want without having their home in disarray for a long period of time.

The company sells more carpet than any other flooring, followed by tile. “A fun fact about tile,” adds Valasek, “Tile actually holds the temperature of the air around it. If you have an air conditioned room, the tile will hold the same temperature as the air conditioning. So now it feels cooler to your feet. Tile is the only flooring style that does that!” Also, all the carpet sold by Express Flooring has anti-microbial fibers which repel bacteria and mold and resists odors. Laminate flooring, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is also very appealing and looks just like tile or wood, hardwood flooring and travertine.

To schedule your free in-home estimate, along with a large variety of flooring options from which to view right from the privacy and convenience of your own home, call (480) 435-9667 or visit )