Energy Solutions Offers an Exceptional Way to Insulate Your

By Lynette Carrington

Energy Solutions Offers an Exceptional Way to Insulate Your

Energy Solutions Offers an Exceptional Way to Insulate Your Home

Arizona has great weather for most of the year, but the summer heat and occasional desert cold snaps can wreak havoc on a home’s energy bill. In fact, in Arizona it is not uncommon for someone’s electricity bill to more than double (or even triple!) in the summer. Energy Solutions of America offers a way to lower your monthly energy bill while keeping your home and living space more comfortable and energy efficient.

Business partners Chuck Haney and Joseph Rivera, who have many years of experience in the energy industry, have put their knowledge and foresight into a company that benefits everyone with its services and products. “The way it is set up is that Energy Solutions of America is based in Iowa and they have dealerships around the country, so we are the authorized dealership for their products and services in the state of Arizona,” explains Haney.

“Our marketing is based on bringing people to an informational seminar where we provide a lunch or a dinner at a nice restaurant,” Haney states. “We give about an hour’s worth of information and we answer all the questions anyone has at that point.” Everyone in attendance gets the benefit of hearing about the products and seeing a demonstration that shows what an amazing difference they can make in your home.

“Our primary product, although there are many different things we can do, is called Energy Shieldz,” Haney explains. “It’s a superior reflective insulating blanket and it’s an enhanced type of insulation that is different than all of the other types of insulation that you put in your attic.” Unlike typical blown-in or rolled out insulation, Energy Shieldz is permanent, doesn’t degrade or wear out and doesn’t need to be replaced. “Once we install it, it’s a permanent energy solution.”

Haney adds, “During these lunch and dinner events, we talk about the things that are going to have the biggest impact in lowering someone’s energy bill and making their home the most energy efficient. We also explain about financial incentives available to help offset the costs. We give them a bunch of information and we stay on schedule so that we can get everybody out in a reasonable amount of time. We do some demonstrations on how the product works and that really makes it all just pretty basic.There is the science behind it, the NASA technology and technical information, but really it simply is common sense. “The heat lamp demonstration really drives home how the Energy Shieldz product is such an effective, efficient and exceptional way of making your home so much more energy efficient.

A big benefit is how much money someone can potentially save on their utility bills. “We have seen our clients save as much as 20 to 50 percent on their energy costs,” says Haney. “The average savings is around 30 percent. When you think about it, in the summertime, when its 100 to 110 degrees outside, your attic can heat up to 150 degrees. That’s a huge problem. That heat is getting into your house. You spend a lot of money trying to constantly cool the interior of your house.”

Comfort is a huge consideration for a lot of our customers.The insulation blanket is also an excellent way to address “hot spots” within a house that, regardless of how much the air conditioning runs, just never seem to cool down completely. People don’t want to have to suffer by keeping their thermostat higher than they really want, just to try to keep their electric bill lower.

Financing is available for the Energy Shieldz product and the costs are typically recouped within four to six years in energy bill savings.

“Energy Solutions of America has been in business for almost a decade and this product has been proven effective in thousands of homes,” explains Haney. “It’s not an experiment and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.We take care of our customers and want them to be 100% satisfied!”

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