Energy Shieldz Provides Improved Insulation and Relief

By Lynette Carrington

Energy Shieldz Provides Improved Insulation and Relief

Energy Shieldz Provides Improved Insulation and Relief from High Energy Bills

According to an informative article in AARP Magazine, insulating the attic of your home has the highest return on investment. In fact, improving insulation in a whopping 117% average recoup in price! More than a bathroom or kitchen remodel, insulating the attic is the No. 1 remodel item!

Business partners Chuck Haney and Joseph Rivera, who have many years of experience in the energy industry, have put their knowledge and foresight into a company that benefits everyone with its services and products. “The way it is set up is that Energy Solutions of America is based in Iowa and they have dealerships around the country, so we are the authorized dealership for their products and services in the state of Arizona,” explains Haney. The company’s primary energy saving product is called Energy Shieldz and is designed as a fantastic solution to traditional attic insulation.

The most common type of attic insulation used in homes is either blow in or batts. “Both of these are what is called resistant type insulation,” explains Haney. “They resist the heat, but once they become saturated they release the heat into the house. In the summer in Arizona, when it is 110 degrees outside, the attic can reach 140-150 degrees. If you have your thermostat set somewhere around 78 degrees or so, your AC unit will run almost non-stop to maintain that temperature setting because of all the heat seeping through the insulation. The Energy Shieldz blanket is a reflective (as opposed to resistant and absorptive) type of insulation that deflects up to 95 percent of the radiant heat from coming into the home.” This innovative type of insulation was developed from technology that NASA used in the space program in the 1950s in spacesuits. The material was designed to help astronauts survive the extreme temperature swings in space of up to 500 degrees.

In Arizona, anything that can help reduce a homeowner’s energy bill is a welcome relief. Haney states, “Our customers tell us that they have experienced anywhere from 20 to 50 percent in energy savings in their homes. Not only is their home more comfortable and with reducing hot spots, but they are extending the life of their AC unit by allowing it to run less to maintain their desired temperature setting. We have a heat lamp demonstration that illustrates exactly how this accomplished showing the heat going through typical resistant insulation versus the reflective type insulation that is Energy
Shieldz.” Remarkably, the attic insulation product will pay for itself in just a few short years!

Having Energy Shieldz installed at your home is quick and easy. Depending upon the location of the homeowner, Energy Solutions of America can get an install done within one or two weeks and workers will be in and out of the home in well less than a day.

Energy Shieldz is almost a “set it and forget it” type of product that is designed to be attic insulation for the lifetime of your home. Haney says, “The great thing about Energy Shieldz insulation is that it is a permanent solution. It does not deteriorate or denigrate in properties over time. A homeowner will never have to add insulation again. Resistant type insulation such as blow-in or roll out batts will settle
down or deteriorate over a few years and the homeowner will need to add to or upgrade periodically. The average homeowner never adds insulation and sees their home become more and more energy inefficient. Combine that with the rising cost of energy and the homeowner will pay much more
in energy costs in the future unless they address their insulation problem permanently. Adding Energy Shieldz is the best way to address that!”

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