Elements Massage South Mesa One Year Anniversary

By Lynette Carrington

Elements Massage South Mesa One Year Anniversary

Elements Massage South Mesa just celebrated its one year anniversary and franchise owners Ron and Troy Suzanne Gatza couldn’t be more pleased with their experience in offering the finest in a variety of massage therapy modalities.

Ron Gatza explains, “It is a huge milestone for us to hit the one year mark and it leads to taking a look back at the year that flew by and reflecting on it. The thing I think we love the most is seeing someone come out of a massage with a look on their face of relaxation and calm - usually accompanied with a big smile. The fact that massage is beneficial is beyond doubt when you talk to them. It gives us a good feeling to be able to help facilitate them getting to that state of mind.”

With more than 222 locations throughout the United States and 13 in the Valley, Elements Massage is an upscale and professional establishment that welcomes its clients in like family and offers the finest in massage therapy treatments. The Greenfield location includes 13 massage therapists that offer sports massage, couples, deep tissue, Swedish, pre-natal, oncology, sports, Reiki, trigger point, hot stone and energy work. Regardless of how you need your massage therapy, the trained, licensed and caring professionals at Elements Massage will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with each visit. As an added bonus, for clients who are pregnant or who have had surgery, there is a special table that includes strategic “cut outs” to allow for the highest level of comfort and convenience.

As with owning any business, there can be surprises along the way and for the Gatzas, the twists and turns of the first year have brought positive experiences as they continue to build momentum at Elements Massage South Mesa. Gatza says, “One of the most prominent things is the freedom and independence owning a business has given us. It is about working hard and long hours, but we are working hard for us and for a purpose; not for a corporation. We also realize that the way we run our business has a big effect on our employees who are looking to us for guidance and experience- and that we are responsible, to a great degree, for keeping them employed by running a successful business.”

The clients have spoken! In just one year, Elements South Mesa has made a dramatic impression with its professionalism, service, massage expertise and attention to detail. “I just checked and we have had just over 2,000 different people come through our doors and have performed over 5,000 massages- that says that we have had a lot of happy customers and repeat business,” states Gatza. “We are doing more massages each month and we will be growing our client base for a long time to come. We take our customer satisfaction very seriously and anyone that doesn't rate us a 9 or 10 out of 10 is going to get a call from our manager or us. Our customer sat is over 90 percent and it takes a lot of vigilance to keep it there. It is a huge plus to see a customer who has been coming in for some time and greeting them by their first name. It makes a difference to them and to us and we love our customers!”

As the couple continues to grow at Elements, they have enjoyed their ownership experience so much that they are planning on expanding. Gatza explains, “We are very excited to be planning another studio set to open in 2017 in orth Mesa. We are planning on locating near Power/McDowell and serving the community in the area, too.”

“This year has flown by,” says Gatza. “It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding years that either of us can remember. It is amazing, looking back, to realize what we didn't know about opening a business and what we have learned. The second studio will be much easier!”

Gatza finishes, “For the month of April, in recognition of their loyalty on our first anniversary, we will be giving complementary aromatherapy to our members. We will have a 50 percent off special for everyone else for April, which would be a $5 upgrade instead of the normal $10 price.”

Elements Massage is located at 1705 S. Greenfield Rd., Mesa. To book an appointment, visit http://elementsmassage.com/south-mesa or call (480) 719-7199.