The Dolly Steamboat at Canyon Lake

By Lynette Carrington

The Dolly Steamboat at Canyon Lake

The Dolly Steamboat at Canyon Lake is a unique experience that every Arizona resident and all of our state’s visitors should experience. Breathtaking desert scenery, unique wildlife and calm, beautiful waters that meander through majestic soaring canyons are all an incredible experience to be had aboard the Dolly Steamboat. One way that the word gets around about the Canyon Lake cruise is through the efforts of PR Director and namesake of the Dolly Steamboat, Dolly Kennedy.

Since Canyon Lake is about 30 to 45 minutes outside of the Valley, Kennedy attends many networking events and is part of networking groups that allow her to let the world know about the fantastic fun and unique lake cruise opportunities that exist with Dolly Steamboat.

Weddings are incredibly picturesque events when orchestrated aboard the sternwheeler. Event Ensemble is a group specifically geared towards weddings and Kennedy attends its meetings as the Dolly Steamboat ambassador. Kennedy explains, “The Dolly Steamboat is a beautiful setting for a wedding and hosts about 15 weddings a year. Also related to weddings are rehearsal dinners and family reunions. The latter is especially nice for out-of-town guests who experience the glory of a lake in the middle of the desert.”

WISK (Women I Should Know) is a 15-year-old gathering of business and professional women, founded by attorney, Joyce Geyser. Kennedy says, “When you walk into the room, you can feel the energy from this dynamic group – so supportive and filled with optimism.” The WISK group is a fan of Dolly Steamboat and takes a cruise every year.

Other networking groups include The 101 Referral Network, which works in conjunction with other networking groups and chambers of commerce, Elevate Your Networking, Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Kennedy says, “I am always looking for new opportunities to join other groups and meet new friends and business professionals.”

With full turn-of-the-century dress and regalia, Kennedy commands attention wherever she goes. Her wardrobe is an ice-breaker, a conversation starter and a fun way for Kennedy to tell people about Dolly Steamboat. “So often, when I mention the Dolly Steamboat, people are happy to share the memorable experiences they have had, and others have never heard of it,” she explains. “Because of my unique attire, people find it easy to talk to me and ask leading questions which allows me to inform them about the Dolly Steamboat. I often have speaking engagements at groups throughout the valley.”

“I love being with people and feeling the energy that I receive from them,” Kennedy continues. “People are so supportive of the way I dress and I am honored to receive the compliments they give me. When they tell me I make them smile and contribute to their day, I am humbled.”

Discover the beauty of Canyon Lake during a daily 1 ½ hour Scenic Nature Cruise. You will learn about our desert plants and saguaros along with the some of the desert inhabitants that are found along the lake including bald eagles, water fowl and other birds. Keep your eyes peeled and you just might see some of the many big horn sheep herds that can be spotted climbing amongst the canyon’s steep trails.

The Dolly Steamboat Twilight Dinner Cruise is 2 ½ hours and includes a full buffet dinner as you watch the sun sink behind the cliffs and capture the desert beauty as the moon rises and the stars reveal themselves. Private charters are also available for just about any event. The Dolly Steamboat has full catering available for guests who need it.

There is also a 2 ½ hour Astronomy Cruise (including dinner) with Dr. Sky, Steve Kates who will give cruise guests a breakdown of the night sky and interpret the constellations in a fun and engaging way, complete with a huge telescope.

For additional information on the Dolly Steamboat, a photo gallery and directions to the Canyon Lake Marina, visit For any other questions or to arrange private charters or corporate events, please call (480) 827-9144.