Craft 64 Introduces a New Pizza and Summertime Salad to Delight its Fans

By Lynette Carrington

Craft 64 Introduces a New Pizza and Summertime Salad to Delight its Fans

Each month, Craft 64 rolls out a new wood fired pizza, a seasonal salad and a fun new cocktail. August is no exception, and these new menu selections are fabulous! The Old Town Scottsdale gastropub is a lunch destination and local hot spot for cocktails, get-togethers, lunch meetings and more.

The menu at Craft 64 always boasts fresh local ingredients, creative recipes and engaging flavors to delight its dedicated foodie and beer fans and tantalize new guests. On a recent visit to the conveniently located restaurant and pub, we had a chance to check out the new menu items and cocktails.

Seasonal Mules and Cocktails

Nothing seems quite as summery as the two seasonal mules new at the Craft 64 bar. The first mule is the PEAR-fect Peach featuring O.H.S.O. local “D.I.C.K.” peach whiskey with pear puree, fresh lime juice and refreshing ginger beer. The second mule is the Mule-jito with a tasty blend of Don Q Coconut and Passion Rum, essence of fresh mint, fresh lime juice and ginger beer. Either of these two mules pair perfectly with a wood fired pizza.

I went a little rogue off the beer menu and tried the Absinthe-Minded cocktail for dinner. This strong drink featured Four Roses Bourbon, St. George Absinthe, and one of my favorite local cocktail ingredients, Figgy Pudding Bitters. It was a fabulous cocktail and I would highly recommend this, especially if you enjoy the taste of licorice.

Fresh Farmer’s Market Salad

It’s important to note that everything on the Craft 64 menu including food ingredients, beers and a good percentage of the spirits are locally sourced. Food ingredients are always fresh, and there is not so much as a can opener or a microwave in the building. The newest seasonal salad is the Mr. Big Peach Farmer’s Market Salad, and it is certainly big enough to be its own meal, or perfect to share. The salad includes organic local Tuscan kale, shaved parmesan, generous slices of fresh peaches, pumpkin seeds and tangy Craisins all tossed in with light pumpkin seed vinaigrette. The house made dressings are always outstanding, and the light pumpkin seed vinaigrette is a light and refreshing asset on this salad.

Wood-fired Pizza Time

Wood fired pizza is always a highlight on the Craft 64 menu. Each handcrafted pizza is fired in the oven while you watch, and is made with the fresh mozzarella cheese that is made in house each day. You’ll also love that these thinner crust pizzas are not heavy or greasy. The newest wood fired pizza boasting local and fresh ingredients is the Blue Dragon. This is probably my favorite pizza to debut this year. It features the fresh Craft 64 mozzarella, parmesan, smoked bleu cheese, cherry wood smoked bacon, fresh organic tomato slices and spinach. Of course, any pizza with bacon on it is outstanding, but you get the added benefit of lots of healthy veggies to make you feel a bit less guilty. This is a fabulous pizza and big enough for two or three people to share.

About Craft 64

Craft 64 also has its own beers that are physically brewed at SunUp Brewery and available on tap. Swann personally oversaw the creation and brewing of each Craft 64 signature beer. Varieties include Mr. Big, Smooove Hoperator, Hop Life, Mango Pucker, Wheat the People, Crafty Blond and Frolic Pale Ale. There are always 36 beers on tap at Craft 64 and every beer is from Arizona. Get them by the glass, or take home a growler. In recent news, certain selections of Craft 64’s own signature beers are now being served at Hotel Valley Ho.

Craft cocktails are also a delight, and just like the items on the menu, three-quarters of the spirits served at Craft 64 are locally produced spirits. This season, two stand-out cocktails include two new seasonal mules—the first is Lemon Lover, with Thumb Butte local Myer Lemon Vodka with peach bitters, fresh lemon juice and ginger beer. The second is the Pear-fect Peach mule with OHSO Local “D.I.C.K.” peach whiskey, pear puree, fresh lime juice and ginger beer.

Craft 64 is a fabulous lunch destination, and also a great place for to meet friends for cocktails or dinner. It can get pretty busy on the weekends, but after the sun goes down, the back patio is a fun place to nosh with friends. Happy Hour is 4-7 p.m. daily. Craft 64 is located at 6922 E. Main St., Scottsdale. Visit or call (480) 946-0542 for additional information.