Craft 64 Signature Line of Craft Beers at SunUp Brewing

By Lynette Carrington

Craft 64 Signature Line of Craft Beers at SunUp Brewing

Craft 64 in Old Town Scottsdale has been wowing fans, followers and beer aficionados since it opened nearly one year ago. In a release of fantastic news, Craft 64’s owner and operator James Swann has announced that it will now brew its own line of beers at SunUp Brewing. Three carefully brewed beer selections will be available in just a few short weeks at Craft 64 and since Swann is one of the most well-respected beer makers in Arizona, there is much anticipation for the beers’ debut!

Swann explains why SunUp Brewing was chosen to brew Craft 64’s new beers. “First, Sun Up is so highly respected. They are one of the older breweries in town and Uwe Boer is one of the most highly respected brew masters in town and has been doing it here for a very long time. At Craft 64 we are big fans of his beer and carry two or three handles on tap of SunUp on a regular basis. It just made sense that he was the person to form a partnership with, in my opinion.” The debut of Craft 64’s beer will mark the gastropub’s first brewing venture with SunUp and Swann and the staff of Craft 64 is thrilled.

The debut beer is an IPA entitled “Smooove Hoperator,” described by Swann as a “really nice West Coast IPA.” He says, “SunUp has been approached by quite a few people to brew and they’ve turned them down. I was very fortunate that when I came to them, I came with a very specific plan with how I was going to do this and make it very easy for them. Business is business and this is business.” Since there simply wasn’t any available space to brew beer on the Craft 64 property, having SunUp as a brewing partner was the next logical step in Craft 64’s business plan.

Two other beers will follow Smooove Hoperator. “The next one will be ‘Bonkers’- that is our double IPA and the third is ‘Crafty Blond,’ which is a nice, easy-drinking blonde ale,” Swann states.

He continues, “This is a balancing act. The beer is being brewed at SunUp and then once it’s been brewed, it is transferred to their distributor and they sell it to me-that’s the way the law works in Arizona. There’s an important balance to note here because everybody has to be on board and everybody has to be happy with the arrangement. If one link in the chain breaks, then the whole thing falls apart.” Swann has gone to great lengths to develop a solid business relationship with all parties to ensure the longevity of Craft 64 brews.

“These are my own beer recipes that I’ve built,” Swann says. “The brew master at SunUp helped me refine them for the purposes of his brewing system. He knows his raw materials and his brewing system better than anybody.”

Craft 64 features a collection of exceptional wood-fired pizzas, with new varieties being offered at regular intervals. It also has some creative salads and sinful desserts. Recently, weekend brunch from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. has been added into the mix at Craft 64. “We have a breakfast pizza that is to die for!” Swann gushes. “We take our white, garlic-based blanco sauce and we add fresh spinach, two, free-range eggs and a ton of cherry wood smoked bacon. It’s something to behold, I’ll tell you that!”

Whether you go for the food and stay for the beer or vice versa, you’ll be glad that you visited Craft 64. Cleverly named for the fact that there are 64 ounces in a growler of beer (and yes, they do fill growlers), Craft 64 effectively merges at the intersection of gastropub, wine bar and artisan pizzeria. Each day the lunch special at Craft 64 includes a personal-sized “pizzetta” with one topping or a fresh salad. The lunch special comes with a soda, Pelligrino, iced tea, beer or wine for only $12

.Craft 64 is located at 6922 E. Main St, Scottsdale. Visit or call (480) 946-0542 for additional information. Craft 64 is open 11 a.m.-11 p.m., seven days a week. Happy Hour runs 4-7 p.m., seven days a week with $1 off all beers, $6 select wines, a single topping pizzetta for $8 and a caprese sandwich for $8. CHEERS!