Cigar King - The modern cigar store, with some definite “old

By Daz Herring

Cigar King - The modern cigar store, with some definite “old

Cigar King

How do you write an article about a great place, that you highly recommend, without sounding cliché? Every time I've started writing, I come up with trite things like “One of the best kept secrets in Scottsdale...,” or "Tucked back in a quiet corner of the Scottsdale Airpark...” Both are true, but sound a bit hackneyed for the beginning of an article about a multi-faceted luxury retailer that's been in operation for over twenty years.

Hirsch Luxury Group has spent two decades offering a wide range of products, that denote refinement, style and sophistication, to Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area, but you might not have ever heard of them. I like to think of Hirsch (HLG) as being like a prohibition-era speakeasy. It's a place where everyone is welcome, that's hard to find because of its almost hidden location, and seems like it should have a secret password. The whole atmosphere lets you know they carry the best goods, and make you certain you'll enjoy yourself every time you're there.

Hirsch Luxury Group, owned and operated by Michel Hirsch, is pretty much what it sounds like. The company consists of one of the valley's best known premium cigar stores, Arizona Prime Time, purveyors of fine watches and luxury products, and , a retailer of luxury shave and skin products for men and women. All three businesses can be found on-line, as well, at: , and, as mentioned above, . You can visit the store, in person, and, through their respective websites, have your online purchases shipped domestically and internationally.

Since I write a cigar review blog (which can be found at ) I'm going to start with my forte. Cigar King is an exceedingly modern cigar store, with some definite “old world” charm. The selection is amazing, with hundreds of brands and thousands of individual selections. Being a “cigar guy,” I am impressed with the selection. They have committed to the traditional brands like Padron, Montecristo and Partagas. They also stock a great variety of new school favorites like My Father, Tatuaje and Rocky Patel, as well as new, innovative companies like Illunione, HVC and Crowned Heads. But, that's not what sets them apart from other stores.

Michel Hirsh searches for collaborative projects with major cigar manufacturers in order to produce exclusive and sought-after cigars that are only available through his store or website. I have recently reviewed some of these cigars (Cuban Diplomat, Havana Soul, and Purofino Melenio). They're all first-class sticks that are well-priced and worth a try for any cigar smoker.

The store boasts a well-stocked and intuitively organized humidor, and a large selection of cigar and smoking accessories, which include lighters and cutters by such makers as S. T. Dupont, Xikar and Colibri. Additionally, there is a large, comfortable and well-ventilated smoking lounge, with multiple televisions to watch your favorite sports. Seating is casual and relaxing. Noise levels are low and promote great conversations with your friends. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

In addition to the store space, Cigar King boasts a very large, humidified warehouse packed full of quality products. I was treated to a full tour of the facility. Walking into their storage facility, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I actually think I may have started to drool and couldn't complete a sentence. "Wow" sufficed. The place was packed floor to ceiling with box after box of premium cigars. In the case of an actual “Zombie Apocalypse,” you can all go gather food and ammo. I'm going to that warehouse and smoking cigars 'til the end!

The Cigar King Complex is located at 7830 E Gelding Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. It may be tucked back in the Scottsdale Airpark, but if you appreciate the finer things in life, you'll want to make the trip. Ask a friend. Use your GPS. Order on-line. Stop in and experience the luxury that abounds. I think you'll find a wide variety of products that you will enjoy for your own use or for giving as gifts to those special people in your life. And, you don't even need to know the secret password to enter.

Daz Herring is a cigar reviewer and has been involved in the premium cigar industry for several years. His blog, “The Smoking Gun Cigar Review,” can be found on , Facebook and Twitter. In addition to his cigar interests, he is a professional musician, composer and director, having traveled and performed around the world.