CallSafe’s School Safety Plan

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CallSafe’s School Safety Plan

CallSafe’s School Safety Plan

Starting the new school year is a time of excitement… and anxiety. Whether your child is a first time kindergartener or a first time college student, as a parent you’re juggling their concerns about new teachers and friends while trying to communicate your own concerns for a routine and safety.

CallSafe offers easy-to-use solutions for their emergency plan and for your peace of mind. mPERS or mobile personal emergency response systems are preprogrammed so CallSafe’s trained responders know who is calling, who their emergency contacts are, and minor but life-saving medical information (like allergies or allergies to medication). As a parent you can’t control bee stings or an unknowing classmate with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Plus, it’s a big step: walking to school or the bus stop by yourself. As a parent, it can be a little nerve-racking, “I need to remind them to look both ways before crossing. Will they remember my phone number? How do I know if my child can get help if s/he needs it?”

CallSafe GO! has help at the touch of a button, making it convenient and simple for young children. CallSafe Assure gives parents and caretakers a location that’s accurate within a few yards! You can monitor your child’s route from your phone. Gain peace of mind knowing where they are, when they arrive, when they leave, and that help is just one click away!

Is your child a little older?

Your child will never be too grown for an emergency plan. Prepare your college student as you send them off to school too. Though there have been recent advances with security cameras and "blue light help stations" to prevent attacks on college campuses, cameras only play-back footage, not deter, and help stations are few and far between on large campuses. With a mobile personal emergency response system, like CallSafe GO!, your student has access to help immediately, right at their fingertips.

The #1 most valuable item on a college student at any given time is a cell phone. Attackers are aware of this and the fact that it is nearly impossible to unlock a smart phone to dial 911 in an emergency. Once CallSafe GO! is activated, immediate help is available to send emergency personnel to your exact location.

Make CallSafe a part of your school safety plan. Give you and your child peace of mind, simplified.

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