Brat Haus is a Delicious Departure in Food Fare in Old Town

By Lynette Carrington

Brat Haus is a Delicious Departure in Food Fare in Old Town

Brat Haus is a Delicious Departure in Food Fare in Old Town Scottsdale

Are you in the mood for something a little different? Brat Haus in Old Town Scottsdale boasts a fun inside/outside location that has fun games and a fantastic menu that will have you celebrating your German side.

What would an evening out be without appetizing shared plates and noshes? Brat Haus really knocked it out of the park with its Haus Original Pretzel with beer cheese fondue – equal parts creamy, delicious and sinful. Another great thing about the pretzel is that it comes in a Giant Pretzel version, perfect for five to eight people to share. Other shared plates on the menu include Fried Pickles (which are exceptional), Cheese Curds and Haus Poutine.

The majority of the menu at Brat Haus is based on artisan sausage offerings. Our table ordered a Sausage Board with mini haus, sweet and Italian hot sausages with various toppings. We particularly loved the sweet sausage. Best of all, none of the sausages felt too “heavy” or “fatty” like brats sometimes can. These sausages are robust and flavorful.

The Main Event

Most of the entrees feature a grilled sausage on a long roll with the choice of two toppings. Toppings include sauerkraut, pickled red onions, dill pickle relish, apricot chutney, spice pickled peppers, sweet and spicy pepper relish, peppers and onions, beer cheese sauce and sweet onion jam. Best of all, there is also a large choice of sausage types, too. Sausages include Haus, Hot Italian, Sweet, Southwestern, Jerk Chicken, Pepper Jack, Umami, Polish, Spicy and Haus Dog. Gourmet sausages include The Greek, Boar and Bacon and Elk.

There were three four people in our dining group for the evening, so we each decided to try something different. I opted for a choice off the “Big Plate” portion of the menu and got a generously sized Pork Schnitzel with Haus gravy and fries. The entrée was great and with a special mention going to the Belgian Fries on the plate. These are not typical fries. Rather, they are soaked for a day to remove starch and then double fried. You will love the difference that the process delivers in making Brat Haus’s Belgian Fries.

Another great entrée was the BBQ Boar – a boar brat topped with pulled pork, a tangy bacon barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese. This will satisfy both the sausage and barbecue lover in you.Other guests at our table ordered The Greek – a lamb patty with Moroccan spice, mint, raisins and coriander on soft, warm pita bread.

Finally, was the outstanding burger called The Pig Mac. This burger is a fun combo brat patty and beef patty with cheddar, lettuce, pickle, sweet onion jam and something we loved called the hush hush sauce, all served up on a soft pretzel roll. Guaranteed, you’ve never had anything quite like this!

Dessert and Games

We finished off our delicious brat dinner with the Apple Strudel dessert. The traditional favorite German dessert featured soft baked apples with a kiss of rosemary baked into a strudel and then smothered with a salty, sweet toffee sauce. It was the perfect way to close out the meal.

Brat Haus also boasts a generous menu including German and Belgian craft beers, wine and cocktails. There are several games to play out on the patio including large block Jenga and pingpong played on a gorgeous quartz-topped table.

Brat Haus is located at 3622 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale. Call (480) 947-4006 or visit for more details.