Bob the Psychic

By Lynette Carrington

Bob the Psychic

Having a session with Bob the Psychic is a fun, insightful and often surprising experience. As he channels his messages, his clients never really know what communications might be relayed. Whether someone is seeking information or insight into their job, love life or perhaps to reach out to someone who has passed on, Bob the Psychic has a natural ability and talent to bring positive and inspirational messages from sources that are not normally heard above the noise of everyday life. His messages most often create pathways of positive energy and can create direction where there is uncertainty.

Even clients who don’t necessarily know what to expect from Bob the Psychic are instantly transformed by the experience of a reading. "When I first met Bob, I was immediately drawn to him. He has an amazing energy and such a warm and caring personality," says client Christina Wagner. "I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when he first offered to do a psychic reading for me, but his warmth and demeanor were so inviting!"

Wagner continues, "I was simply stunned by what he told me. I absolutely couldn't believe it! Here was this man that I had never met and he knew nothing about me or my life. He proceeded to tell me things that were spot-on. He was right about everything and then he gave me his insight on where I was heading and what I could expect in the coming months in my life. And you know what? He was correct and I am living a better, more fulfilling life surrounded with wonderfully positive people and full of thrilling experiences. Bob immediately put my mind at ease during a time when I was at a crossroads and set me on a path of personal fulfillment."

"I have since referred many people to Bob for his keen psychic abilities and they, too, have experienced the same positive and intuitive insights from him. I'm a believer and I trust what Bob has to say."

What messages await you? It’s easy to find out from Bob the Psychic. If you would like to meet Bob, you can connect with him at any of his upcoming events. In Downtown Phoenix, Bob takes part each month in the First Friday Artwalk with his table located on 4th Street, south of Roosevelt. The next one is Friday, December 4. Bob says, “There is also something I do every month called ‘Spirit Night,’ at the Interfaith CommUNITY Spiritual Center near Baseline and Stapley in Mesa. It is held on the third Saturday of the month with the next one being November 21.” He is available for 20 minute readings throughout the evening.If you want to stay in the loop of all future events, be sure to subscribe to his newsletter by clicking here.

For additional information or to book Bob, visit or call (602) 325-3101. You can also reach Bob by email at