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Scottsdale Psychic

By Lynette Carrington

There are those in the general population that possess the unique gift of a higher sight. Bob The Psychic is one of those people. Just a few minutes with the warm, funny and talented psychic will make anyone a believer. Whether someone is receiving a reading through the use of Tarot or Angel cards, channeling, clients are ensured a one-of-a-kind experience and additional information that definitely provides food for thought.

Love, family relationships, financial and job situations and past and future life incidents are all areas that Bob addresses directly with his clients. Through a variety of avenues he shares the messages he receives. Often these messages mean nothing to him, but to the client, they are very clear to the people, places and things in their life.

Bob has always had the gift of higher sight but didn't fully understand and embrace it until some years into his adult life. "I decided to just put it out there on Craigslist," he explains. "I would write down what I got for each person and they were supposed to email me back if I got anything right. I did 10 readings and nine of those people emailed me back and said, ‘Oh my gosh!' How did you figure that out?!?' It was amazing." In one particular reading he read for a woman and he felt that she wanted to be a doctor or a nurse but she was doing a lot of writing. It turned out that she was a nurse who was an emergency room scribe. "I realized at that point, ‘I can do this!'" says Bob. "My gift has become even more intuitive and it comes to me easier now." Now, besides using cards, Bob channels. With channeling, messages come to Bob from a variety of sources and he just says them as they come in.

Bob's intuitive gift is often enjoyed by guests at parties, conferences and conventions. Although some may think of it as a novelty, Bob sees it as a way to help people in a variety of areas in their life, get them to slow down a minute and really listen to what the universe is telling them. By paying special and focused attention to each person, messages will come to Bob and in almost every instance those messages reveal something immediately to the person receiving the reading. Sometimes, those messages delivered by Bob don't come to fruition until some point in the future. Bob's gift is real and you only need to experience it once to become a believer.

If you would like to meet Bob, you can connect with him at any of his upcoming events. In Downtown Phoenix, Bob takes part each month in the First Friday Artwalk with his table located on 4th Street, south of Roosevelt. The next one is Friday, October 2. Bob says, "There is also something I do every month called ‘Spirit Night,' at the Interfaith CommUNITY Spiritual Center near Baseline and Stapley in Mesa. It is held on the third Saturday of the month with the next one being October 17." He is available for 20 minute readings throughout the evening. Bob will also be at the Sedona Psychic Fair on October 11 and 6:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. October 23-24 at Howl-O-Ween at the Phoenix Zoo. If you want to stay in the loop of all future events, be sure to subscribe to his newsletter by clicking here.

Read more about Bob The Psychic at or call (602) 325-3101. You can also reach Bob by email at