Bella Grace Agency Introduces Sitter Match

By Lynette Carrington

Bella Grace Agency Introduces Sitter Match

Bella Grace Agency Introduces Sitter Match, a Sitter Solution for the Budget-Minded

Founder of Bella Grace Agency and 2014 Nanny of the Year, Sheri Lopez brings her 35 years experience as a nanny to the domestic staffing agency. With safety and exceptional family care at the top of her list of priorities, she established Bella Grace Agency to provide families with exceptional nannies, caregivers and domestic staff. But what about those who require only a part time sitter, but still want a screened caregiver who works for their budget and their family’s unique needs? Bella Grace has filled that niche with Sitter Match!

“Sitter Match is part of Bella Grace, but it is its own identity and eventually, it will be nationwide,” explains Lopez. The site initially launched in the Phoenix market and will expand nationwide, city by city. “This is a niche that has been missing for a long time. There are wonderful families that need great babysitters and nannies but can’t afford the agency. How Sitter Match works is that it is based on the STAR personality assessment. Every sitter, nanny and family takes the assessment and with the results of that, it provides a dominant personality trait.” “S” is for Structure, “T” is for Technical, “A” is for Action and “R” is for Relationships.

Utilizing the “STAR” personality assessment rating system, members of Sitter Match can find a sitter or nanny according to the goals and personality of their own family, and so too can a nanny or sitter looking for a family. Knowing a person’s dominate personality traits can help a lot when searching for a sitter, nanny or a family with which to work. For extra peace of mind, all sitters and nannies with Sitter Match are age 21 and over and have been background checked.

“It’s a membership program,” Lopez explains. “You join as a member and there are multiple packages available – month-to-month packages, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year. Of course, the longer that you are a member, the less money it is. It’s a very controlled way to connect good people together that are background-checked and provides a nice spin on the personality side of it.”

There is an exclusively private Facebook page for Sitter Match, giving members the chance to chat and get to know each other. “Four times a year we have a mixer,” adds Lopez. “All of the members can get together and meet one another. It’s fun and relaxed, it takes the awkwardness out of being interviewed and it’s a nice way for everybody to get together.” Sometimes, making a connection on the internet can be challenging and meeting face to face with people and their families in attendance is a superb way for everyone to get to know each other.

The process to join Sitter Match is easy. Lopez says, “They sign up online at When you go to the website, it explains everything about the STAR personality assessment, it explains how we work, it has links to the secure forms so that you can complete an individual or family bio. We put a very small amount of that information online in their bio and then members have to click a link to request a full bio and that’s when we verity that they are a member.”

Lopez finishes, “There are a lot of wonderful families that we want to help connect with great care providers. Working directly with the agency is a wonderful resource, but can be out of some budgets, bu Sitter Match helps can help meet their child care needs.”

Learn more about Sitter Match and sign up at or call (480) 258-1938 for additional information.