Arizona Breakfast Weekend Celebrates Breakfast

By Lynette Carrington

Arizona Breakfast Weekend Celebrates Breakfast

Arizona Breakfast Weekend Celebrates the Most Important Meal of the Day

Arizona Breakfast Weekend returns for 2016, and there are so many ways to take tasty advantage of the most important meal of the day! The second annual Arizona Breakfast Weekend hits eateries July 28-31. Diners will enjoy special dishes at breakfast and brunch spots across the Valley offered at $7, $10 and $15 price points.

Restaurants that are confirmed for Arizona Breakfast Weekend so far include: Wildflower Bread Company, Rusconi’s American Kitchen, Original Breakfast House, The Market Restaurant + Bar by Jennifer’s and Ticosz Latin Kitchen. Over 40 restaurants participated last year, and it is anticipated that the number will increase to more than 50 this year! A full list of participating restaurants and menus are available at at Some restaurants may choose to offer a “breakfast for dinner” option, diners should check website for full details.

The sponsor of Arizona Breakfast Weekend appropriately, is Hickman’s Farm and was invited to preview Arizona Breakfast Weekend at Original Breakfast House in North Phoenix. I even got to meet Hickman’s Farms mascot! Owner of Original Breakfast House, John Stidham hails from Northern California where he owned and operated a dozen restaurants over 35 years. After dipping his toe in the retirement pool, he decided last year to switch gears, open Original Breakfast House and the Valley’s taste palates and tummies are that much richer for it. The restaurant is certainly not your run-of-the-mill breakfast and lunch joint. Rather, I discovered a rich and rewarding menu full of delicious offerings, some of which will be part of the special Arizona Breakfast Weekend menu.

First up was pulled pork has and eggs served with a side of barbecue sauce and a side of buttermilk pancakes. Wow, I was blown away by this dish. I am not a huge fan of hash and having barbecue sauce at breakfast did not seem appealing at first. But, wow, was I in for a huge surprise! This is an incredible entree and the addition of the barbecue sauce added a special tang that really tied the dish together. I would recommend that if you were to visit Original Breakfast House, this is the dish you should try! Next, I had toast with the Original Breakfast House’s own homemade strawberry jam. Again, this was absolutely top notch.

Our media group also tried the triple berry French toast. It was a unique “San Francisco style” deep friend French toast topped with fresh strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. This is definitely a different style of French toast – one that I had never tried before, and it was fantastic. Next were the fresh peach pancakes covered with fresh organic California yellow peaches and a generous dollop of whipped cream. The peach pancakes were so good on their own; I would recommend using little or no syrup at all. The biscuits with house made gravy were also outstanding as were the gi-normous cinnamon rolls. I’m not sure how you could possibly finish one of these bad boys by yourself, so consider sharing with a friend.

Other dishes at Original Breakfast House as part of the special Arizona Breakfast Weekend menu include the chicken green chili tamale and eggs; served with cilantro lime rice, black beans and a flour tortilla. Plus, the Caprese omelet – an open-faced omelet topped with melted mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and just a kiss of olive oil. You’ll appreciate the service at Original Breakfast House. They go above and beyond.

The brainchild of and produced by Arizona Restaurant Association, Arizona Breakfast Weekend offers lovers of all things egg, bacon and toast the chance to dine on special breakfast dishes and brunch experiences at restaurants, diners, and hotels around the Valley of the Sun. Chefs will have the chance to curate new recipes and to wow breakfast lovers by elevating and celebrating the morning meal.

“Our inaugural Arizona Breakfast Weekend was a huge hit, and we know this year will be even tastier,” said ARA president and CEO, Steve Chucri.

“It gives restaurants the opportunity to expand or even break into breakfast and brunch menus. If this is your first Arizona Breakfast Weekend experience, you can expect to experience the same culinary diversity, excellence and innovation for which Arizona Restaurant Week is known but with the added benefit of starting off the day with us,” Chucri added.

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About Breakfast Weekend: Introduced in Summer 2015, the annual Arizona Breakfast Weekend is designed to highlight the most important meal of the day by elevating breakfast and brunch options around the Valley. Restaurants will offer unique breakfast dishes and brunch experiences at varying prices for all four tasty mornings. More information is available at Arizona Breakfast Weekend is produced by the Arizona Restaurant AssociationArizona Restaurant Association.