Allworx is One of Many FM3 Systems Business Solutions

By Lynette Carrington

Allworx is One of Many FM3 Systems Business Solutions

Allworx is One of Many FM3 Systems Business Technology Solutions

Human communications can be challenging by itself, but with the right phone and VoIP system in place, it can make transactions and interaction run more smoothly. FM3 Systems has been offering comprehensive business technology solutions for decades and Allworx is just one of the products that helps FM3 Systems’ clients save time and become increasingly productive.

Depending on the type of business and individual needs; Allworx has VoIP Systems and IP phones for every need. Allworx advanced software options include mobile solutions, desktop integration, call center distribution, Skype for business and Outlook integration, multi-site support, analytics, dual language support, voice conferencing and security and data backup. It is all of these convenient and forward-thinking Allworx services that make the company a go-to business solution for FM3 Systems.

Allworx had its earliest beginnings as an engineering consulting firm for high profile clients such as Kodak, Emerson and General Electric. After deciding that it needed a new phone system for its own business and unable to find what they wanted, Allworx created its own system that incorporated everything it wanted. Its first VoIP communication system debuted in 2003 and since then, Allworx has built a base of highly trained reseller partners, including FM3 Systems to bring the finest in integrated phone and VoIP systems to businesses that include retail, hospitals, government agencies, school districts and other professional service industries. FM3 Systems trusts the company’s products, training and industry expertise.

FM3 Systems has been in business for more than 40 years and has ridden the entire wave of business technology evolution. “Some of the stuff that we do that is unique is that we are really strong in information preparation,” explains FM3 Systems Owner, Art Humphrey. In gauging an initial system issue at a business, he takes things one simple step at a time, thoroughly checking for potential hiccups in a system. He says, “I make sure the electricity is correct and the environment is correct, because if that’s not correct, it won’t work.” But, of the utmost importance is to get in to the day-to-day transactional workings of a particular client.

From computers, firewalls, cabling, data circuits and routers, to phone systems, VPN setups, server installation, phone systems, and accounting systems and work station integration, FM3 Systems is equal to the task to meet and exceed the needs of a variety of businesses.

“We immerse ourselves completely in their business,” Humphrey explains. “We put our people in the same shoes that everybody else is – upper management, lower management and people out in the field. If I can’t walk in their shoes, I can’t really understand what they do or improve it. The biggest test we have is what we call ‘cost reduction.’ That doesn’t mean slashing jobs. One of the direct expense to a business as an indirect expense is moving paper and numbers. It’s all about reducing the cost per transaction.” After seeing what each group of individuals does within a business, Humphrey then will propose the ways that FM3 Systems can streamline a process and create ways to save resources and automate wherever possible.

Humphrey stays on top of all the latest developments in technology and equipment. He has a close relationship with equipment manufacturers including Allworx, Adtran, HP, and others. He says, “They keep me dialed in and tuned in. The communication protocols change, but I get that information in emails twice a week.”

Humphrey finishes, “You work at a level of success that you are able to do it right and know what’s going on. We don’t bring in outside people and hope that they are doing it right. Being a perfectionist is a part of my life.”

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