ABODE Fine Living Returns from Vegas Market Inspired

By Lynette Carrington

ABODE Fine Living Returns from Vegas Market Inspired

ABODE Fine Living Designer Returns from Vegas Market with Inspiration

At ABODE Fine Living, those who stop at the store can expect a wide variety of home décor, furniture and interior design items that delight and dazzle homeowners across the Valley. Recently, ABODE designer Jeff Brown went to the Las Vegas market to seek out fresh and intriguing new décor items to incorporate into the store. His keen eye for interior design and style allow him to flawlessly orchestrate styles, colors and design ideas in the store and on-site for ABODE clients.

Brown has always had a love of interior design. “I think I’ve always been interested in interior design, even from a young age,” Brown explains. “And I was in the art and framing industry for 30 years. That’s a very similar field, in terms of picking colors and helping people to pick a design that’s going to go with their room.” After he left that industry, he shifted gears and got into interior design. A few years later, he jumped at the chance to join the ABODE design team.

The Vegas Market

In August, Brown went to Vegas and had a wonderful time seeing everything that is new on the interior design scene. “I love going to market,” Brown says. “It’s always fun, but I thrive on the hunt! I’m always looking for something that is new and different, at least in my eyes. I may see something that everyone else has, but maybe I'll use it in a totally different manner or context which may make it look different and unusual. I love going to market, regardless of where it is. But, the Vegas market was good. That’s one of my favorite markets and I like the way the buildings are set up. I think for the West Coast, that’s a good market to see new things over say, the Dallas market. I tend to like Vegas a bit more. We always have fun!”

There wasn’t any one particular new trend that Brown said really struck his fancy. “I saw a lot of cool things and I think we made some nice purchases,” he explains. Previously, buyers at ABODE had been making purchases towards a black-and-white design trend and indeed, Brown saw much more of that during his recent trip to the Vegas market.

The Holidays

The impending holiday season is huge for ABODE. “We buy Christmas in January, actually,” Brown says.“We just barely get the boxes packed away and then we’re already buying for the next year and then it pretty much carries on throughout the year.” Christmas orders have been rolling in since July and the store will be staged and ready to go for the holiday season during October.

“It takes a while to dec the store out the way we want it to look. We get going on it fairly early,” Brown states, “For the next month or so, we’ll be planning how many trees we’ll end up doing. The amount of merchandise we have on the floor kind of dictates what we can do. So, we’ll see where we are next month and then start setting it up.” There is simply no better place to find a special gift than at ABODE. Whether you need a thoughtful party hostess gift, a distinctive and stylish décor piece or a fun home accessory or art piece, you will find unique items at ABODE that you will not find elsewhere.

The designers at ABODE reflect a variety of tastes and styles. Brown states, “We have a lot of different opinions, which is really good. We don’t all fall into the same category. With owner Catherine Crandall, we don’t always typically agree, which is a good thing and it balances everything out! It helps keep a nice mixture at the store. Where I tend to be more contemporary and more industrial-ish; I love clean lines and Asian. Catherine is more traditional. So, everyone here adds a nice flavor to what is coming in.”

About ABODE Fine Living

ABODE Fine Living features unique home furnishings, accessories, art and gift in an exquisitely staged store in North Phoenix. In addition to the retail items, the store offers a full range of interior design services, from new homes to remodels and everything in between. The designers at ABODE aim to create a unique space that speaks to the way you live, play and relax.Many different styles are available through ABODE Fine Living and the designers are always available to help you create your own unique interior design statement.

ABODE Fine Living is located at 5415 E. High Street, Suite 119 in Northeast Phoenix. Call (480) 659-3646 or visit www.abodefineliving.com for additional information.