“How can I be an effective personal tutor and what is out there to help me do this?” A qualitative study into staff perceptions of their personal tutor role and the influence of key resources

Thu Mar. 21 at 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Event Details

The webinar aims to help attendees:

  • assess the value of tailored personal tutoring resources (both student-facing and for staff development in the role) produced as part of a national research project;
  • understand the background, rationale, key issues, and methodology behind our Lincoln-based research on personal tutoring;
  • identify and discuss the findings and evaluation of this research;
  • consider the implications of this research on personal tutoring both in terms of tutoring/advising practice and areas for potential future work.

It will include ‘thinking points’ for participants at various points along with time for questions at the end.